Who doesn’t love Millie? Let’s be honest, she is such a beauty and she tends to look so fierce, feminine, and elegant while kicking a lot of evil demons in her orb style. Our favorite character tends to rock some bold and unique haircuts, all of which have a direct link and impact on the well-known series, Stranger Things. Are you a fan? If not, you’re going to become one! Keep on reading and let us present you with some cool options that will suit different women and different age groups.

Top 14 Millie Bobby Brown Looks To Try Out

1. Layered Long Blonde Hair 


Have you seen that Millie has changed her hair color quite recently? She is no longer rocking her natural shirt brown hair, but is all about fun blonde and wispy locks! This layered blonde look is for women who like to look classy and well-put, ideal for your formal or office moments.

2. Blonde Cut With Bangs


If you’re a fan of shorter looks and you enjoy wispy bangs, this will suit you. Try out a cool bob moment and commit to this design for daily wear. In most cases, these hairdos look great and are super popular among teen women who like to follow trends, but also those who are true fans of Millie.

3. Short Brown Bowl Cut 


Bowl cuts used to be so huge, popular, and common back in the 90s. Nowadays not a lot of women dare to wear them. Do you? If so, this will is the right one for you. Millie ended up rocking this type of look for one of the seasons, and she pulled it off so well! If you like unusual ideas and you’re a fan of making a statement, just know that you will have the full package with it. Stick to straight edges and your natural hair color for easy upkeep and maintenance.

4. Wavy Blonde Cut 


Wavy blonde and voluminous, this hairdo is not that common or often seen on Millie. However, when out for formal events and activities, she tends to rock similar hairdos. If you’re looking for something cute, sexy, and elegant, curls are always the way to do it.

5. High Up 70s Rock 


A crazy 70s hairdo will forever stay with us and will always be in fashion. Girls who like to look bold, loud, and retro + those who enjoy crazy high updos with a ton of volume will enjoy this cut. Make sure that you add a ton of gel and hairspray to set these locks in place.

6. Casual Brown Hairdo 


Cool, wispy and casual-looking, this hairstyle is cute and elegant, perfect for those moms who enjoy quick and easy everyday hairdos. If you wish to rock something feminine and subtle, getting this wispy bob is for you. It will look great on women with thin hair.

7. Brown Buzzcut Look


Brown buzzcuts are a statement that plenty of women can’t pull off. Can you? If you’re a fan of low-key and super low-maintenance ideas and you want to get something that is really representative of Millie and her character in the first season, this beauty will suit you.

8. Layered Brown Bob 


A layered bob is for those who like to wear their hair voluminous and wavy. If you enjoy chic cuts and you’re all about stylist ideas, this can tick a lot of boxes. In the end, it is going to look great on those in their 30s.

9. Clean Shaved Buzzcut 


A shaved buzzcut is for those who have symmetrical and roof face shapes/heads. The truth is that not everyone can pull off this look. Do you enjoy quick and easy, everyday practical transformations? Girls who want a retro quirky cut will enjoy this, for sure.

10. Dark Brown Bob 


Millie often rocks similar hairdos and chopped wavy bobs on a daily. In fact, this look is the closest option and kind to the design that she prefers to go for on a daily. If you enjoy wispy locks and you want to look feminine and formal without doing a lot, this will cut it.

11. Straight, Sleek & Simple Hairstyle


Cool and simple, this brown straight bob is for women who like shiny and healthy hairdos. Do you have a straight bob-like texture? Are you always trying to style your hair straight and shiny? If you wish to show off your elegant bob for any event just know that this cut is universal.

12. Messy Rock Cut 


Messy and wavy rocky curly cut with a lot of volume is for those who like their natural subtle curls. If you’re into shorter hairdos and you usually rock pixie cuts, this will also intrigue you. Make sure that you set your locks in place with the right hairspray or curl cream to prolong their wear-time for the day.

13. Brown Bowl Cut 


A bowl cut such as this one is a statement piece. It is often worn by younger women, as well as those who like to create their own cool trends. Do you enjoy retro 60s hairdos? Are you a fan of defined edges and bangs? This is such a cool cut that any age group can go for. If your natural hair is thick, brown, and voluminous, this will look gorgeous on you!

14. Long Blonde Hair With Highlights 


Have you seen that Millie has changed her appearance? In fact, she went from short dark brown hair to luscious wispy blonde curls and highlights! This hairstyle has truly changed and shaped her appearance, making her look a lot more feminine and elegant. If you prefer Hollywood waves and you’re someone who wants to look stylish, give this a go. It will look amazing when done with the right hairstyling tools.

Time For Something New

And there you have it all! This cool article and list will help you find your next Millie-inspired hairstyle. Do you enjoy big and puffy or short and sweet looks? This article covers it all, making it perfect for any age group and for women who wish to experiment with their appearance. Let us know which design you can’t wait to try out from the bunch, we can’t wait to see you rocking something new.

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