30. Rounded Bob

Having a structured style is great. A simple side part and some product will keep everything in place.


31. Long Lob

Say goodbye to your long hair and hello to a gorgeous long lob.


32. Balayage Lob

Cut your hair, throw on a new color, and embrace your short, beautiful hair.


33. New Color

Short hair with a new color is a great change if you ask us.


34. Angled

Do an angled cut to keep your hair a little longer in case you want something to play with.


35. Chestnut Lob

Color your hair a little warmer, add in some highlights, and enjoy your new lob cut.


36. Silver Ends

Going from long to short can be scary but throw on a fun new color to help ease the pain.


37. Classic Lob

The classic lob will never go away. Try it out for yourself, we promise you’ll love it.


38. Going Shorter

If you already have short hair, maybe go a little shorter? This rounded bob is a perfect short hairstyle.


39. Just a Chop

Cutting your hair is actually good for it. Leave your color natural but give your hair a nice cut to keep it healthy.

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