70. Layered Bob

A bob cut gets the hair off your neck, looks amazing, and with some layers and curls, is simply beautiful.


71. Curly Lob

Lobs are very popular right now so we can see why you would want to cut your longer hair into one.


72. Sleek and Straight

Sometimes our hair needs a little TLC that only a hairdresser can provide. Try this sleek and straight or yourself.


73. Curly Bob

Keep your hair naturally curly and cut it into a gorgeous bob.


74. Straight Lob

Even if your cut isn’t that drastic it still will look stunning.


75. Highlight Beauty

Add a little light into your cut by running some highlights through it.


76. Fall Vibe

Give yourself a trim and add a fresh pop of color to complete your look.


77. Rounded Bob

If you’re looking for a fun new style try out the rounded bob.


78. Black Beauty

Keep your hair a natural color and choose a curly lob to complete the look.


79. Micro Bob

Go for a drastic cut and a new style with this micro bob.

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