80. Complete Transformation

Try a new look by cutting your hair and doing a color change.


81. Simple Change

You don’t have to do a big change for it to look beautiful, just a nice cut will do the trick.


82. Honey Vibe

Go for a cut between and lob and bob and add a rich honey color to the mix.


83. Deep and Dark

Besides a drastic cut you can also do a drastic color change.


84. Red and Caramel

Welcome fall with a beautiful mixture of red and caramel colors.


85.  Modern Vibes

Having colored hair can be a lot of work, change it up with a more modern color,


86. Pixie

If your hair is short go for an even shorter look to change it up a bit.


87. Summer Layers

Do a fun new cut and add a lot of layers throughout it for texture and dimension.


88. Unique Cut

Go for a completely unique cut the next time you do a big chop.


89. Simple Highlights

After you cut your hair add a little bit of highlight throughout it.

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