100. Short Bob

This short bob is a great change of style and a dramatic cut that you will love.


101. Light Lob

You will love getting rid of some hair and embracing a new light lob.


102. Caramel Galore

Go for a nice cut and add a fun mixture of caramel throughout your hair.


103. Lob to Bob

Even with short hair you can make a dramatic cut.


104. Light Balayage

After you get a nice cut try out a fun and simple balayage color.


105. Dramatic Color

You can change your hair in a dramatic fashion with a big cut and color change.


106. Disconnected Pixie

This big change from long to a pixie is a great way to get a fresh start.


107. Fresh and Light

Your hair will feel both fresh and light after you go for a big cut.


108. Hidden Color

Add a little pop of color throughout your hair for a fun transformation.


109. Blunt Bob

Blunt bobs are stunning and easy to maintain, try one out for yourself.


110. Simple Lob

Just a nice easy cut into a gorgeous lob is all you need for an amazing style change.


These are just a few examples of dramatic cuts that look amazing. A before and after photo can really show you why getting a short haircut is the right decision. You can start slow with a lob or just go for the big cut and get a pixie, regardless your short hairstyle will look amazing.

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