Vintage hairdos and vintage haircuts are all over social media these days. Vintage transformations are coming back in fashion, and most guys who love the old-school retro switch-up will enjoy this article. Do you want to bring back the old-school classics, such as the pompadour or bowl cuts? If so, here are some classic and classy options that most guys can pull off, no matter their age, hair color, length, or beard!

Top 17 Vintage Men’s Hairstyles

1. Faux Hawk Vintage Men’s Hair

A faux hawk such as this one is going to look amazing and trendy on most young guys. Get a cool line detail as well to complete this look. If you are in your twenties or so, this is going to look the best on you, no matter your head or face shape. It is vintage without being too over the top, wouldn’t you agree?

2. Defined Edgy Vintage Men’s Hair

Try out a defined top and this faux hawk edgy detail. Get a subtle fade on the sides as well to round up the outcome and to get this chic and clean-looking design. Guys who want something that can be worn to the office or most important and formal meetings or gatherings are going to appreciate this look.

3. Fluffy Top Vintage Men’s Hairdo

Messy or fluffy tops are for those who love to rock voluminous hairdos. If you’re a fan of cute and stylish hairdos – this might look the best on you. Add your favorite hair care products to achieve this exact same design and rock it for day or night-time events.

4. Slick Back Hair With A Beard

This cool and elegant slick-back hairstyle is often worn by guys who love formal hairdos, as well as by guys who wish to look gorgeous and noticeable for any given event. Add a ton of hairspray to set your locks in place and to get this clean-looking design. The twisted mustache will only furthermore complement this design and make you look so vintage-like!

5. Pompadour Vintage Men’s Hair

Pompadour is one of those fierce and creative hairstyle ideas that guys will forever enjoy and try to rock. It is a hairdo that will never go out of fashion and is a hairstyle that will look trendy for any given opportunity. Make sure that you can grow your hair to this length and that you can nourish it, just so that your strands are hydrated and left looking voluminous!

6. Black Hair Vintage Men’s Hair

This black vintage hairdo is going to attract a ton of attention. It is done in a nice and clean way, with a subtle fade and with just enough hair for you to enjoy its low-maintenance approach. You can rock it to any event and show off the high-up top by styling it with your favorite hair gel or pomade.

7. Voluminous High Up Hairdo

Long strands and locks of hair used to be such a big trend back in the 80s. If you’re someone who enjoys high messy hairdos and you want to try out something super cool and defined, this is what you should consider. Make sure that you can let your hair grow out to this exact length, since it is a high-maintenance and long hairdo, after all.

8. Fun Pompadour Vintage Men’s Hair

Pompadours are a vintage hairstyle, and they will forever be a good old (safe bet) classic. Men who want to look elegant and stylish, as well as guys who are into long luscious locks, will enjoy this elegant and classy pompadour look.

9. Short Curly Bowl Cut

Bowl hairdos will forever be old-school, retro, and vintage. If you enjoy shorter bowl ideas and you want defined strands of hair around your head, yet you wish to show off your natural subtle curls – this is for you. Go for a clean shave as well to round up the look and enjoy this retro and old-school style hairdo.

10. Black Hairdo Vintage Men’s Hair

A vintage look such as this one is going to look amazing on guys who fancy subtle transformations and cool designs. You don’t have to look too old-school or vintage. In fact, you can try doing this style for your day-to-day activities. The end result is very common among workaholics and guys who want to look presentable.

11. Curly High Top Vintage Men’s Hair

A curly high-up top with cute and elegant locks is for guys who want to show off their unique sense of style. If you want a fluffy curly top and you want a hairdo that is going to attract a lot of comments and positive feedback, why not rock this look? The end result is great for men who are in their twenties and trying to look presentable and stylish.

12. Dark Brown Hairstyle

A dark brown simple cut such as this one when paired with a longer bushier beard is going to look amazing on men who want to rock that old vintage vibe. If you are a dad or someone who wants to look both formal and professional at the same time – this is for you. Just make sure that you use enough hair pomade and beard oil to moisturize your strands.

13. Black Hair Side Swept Look

Try out this side-swept look if you’re a fan of elegant hairdos. This style was super popular in the 80s, and it is not going away anytime soon. If you enjoy slick and cool ideas and if you prefer looking dominant and chic 24/7, we know that this is going to suit you!

14. Cool Hair With A Fade

Men who are in their teens will adore this hairstyle. It is defined and styled in such a cool way, often worn by those who enjoy medium-length cuts. Make sure that you can commit to this design and that you’re up for cool fade details to successfully pull off this look.

15. Vintage Men’s Hair With A Detail

A vintage look such as this one is going to look great on men who are into defined edges. You should also try out this fade detail to get the exact same design. Make sure that you cut your hair every three weeks to prolong this beauty.

16. Retro Curls Vintage Men’s Hair

Curls are such a vintage look that everyone loves! Girls will go crazy over your curls and you’re going to enjoy showing them off for day-to-day events. Add your favorite curling cream or pomade to get this cute and stylish design that you can show off in its full voluminous glory!

17. Voluminous Brown Hair With Bangs

Lastly, why not try this cute bang moment?! If you enjoy medium-length locks and your hairstylist knows how to do this cut – show it off! You’re going to love it for day-to-day wear, especially if you already have voluminous natural hair.

Vintage hairdo transformation time! Which look is your favorite? Are you willing to go voluminous, long, short? We can’t wait to see you with your new hairdo!

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