Bottleneck bangs are a popular trend in 2022, and they will probably stay with us till 2023. Are you a fan of them, and are you willing to give them a go? If so, this article is for you. Keep on reading and discover some cute options that you’re going to love no matter your age, hair color, or hair length.

Top 18 Bottleneck Bang Looks To Explore

1. Elegant Bottleneck Bangs

If your hair is naturally thick and voluminous, this is for you. Make sure that you give it a go if you enjoy layers. The end result is for women who want a drastic, yet quick change.

2. Light Brown Bottleneck Bangs

Light brown natural hair such as this one is going to suit women who enjoy minimalism. If you’re someone who has wispy bangs, why not give this cut a go?

3. Dark Blonde Hair Bottleneck Bangs

This gorgeous bottleneck bang moment is for women who love fierce looks. If you’re in your twenties this might look the best on you. Give it a go if you’re a fan of chopped and messy looks.

4. Platinum Blonde Bottleneck Bangs

A platinum blonde hot sexy moment such as this one is quite high-maintenance. Make sure that you can color your hair every 30-40 days in order to maintain this gorgeous design.

5. Natural Blonde Bottleneck Bangs

Natural dark blonde hair such as this one is for women who love shorter looks that are easy to maintain. If you have bob hair make sure that you grow it out just a bit more to achieve this stylish design.

6. Hair With Highlights Bottleneck Bangs

Pair your bob haircut with your bottleneck bangs. Women who have shorter hair and those who fancy modern looks will like this beauty. Moms who enjoy practicality and ideas that are approximate for the office will enjoy this design.

7. Dark Brown Bottleneck Bangs

Dark brown bob such as this one is often worn by women who enjoy low-maintenance ideas. Go for this wispy bottleneck bang detail and show it off for daytime wear. Curl the ends just a bit to get this stylish everyday hairdo.

8. Brown Bottleneck Bangs

If your hair is short and you are someone who likes bobs, why not give it a go with this haircut? The end result is perfect for younger women who want an everyday look that they can rock when at school. Want to show it off?

9. Strawberry Blonde Bottleneck Bangs

Women who love warm tones and blonde looks will fall in love with this beauty. It is a beautiful haircut that is going to look the best on younger women. If you’re in your twenties and you’re looking for a haircut that others won’t have, just know that this is it!

10. Wispy Brown Bottleneck Bangs

Go for some cute and stylish wispy bottleneck bangs and rock them in full confidence. If you’re a fan of shorter low-maintenance ideas this is for you. Don’t forget to set your hair in place with your favorite hairspray so that it stays on for the entire day.

11. Healthy Brown Bottleneck Bangs

A healthy brown hairdo with these cute bangs is for women who like elegance. If you are a fan of practical ideas and you fully trust your hairstylist, why not book this haircut? It is very easy to achieve and it will look the best for your daily moments.

12. Hair With Highlights Bottleneck Bangs

Hair with defined and big highlights such as this one reminds a lot of the old 90s vibe! Women who like big and puffy hairdos, as well as those who enjoy attracting looks will want to do it with this haircut.

13. Bob Hair With Bottleneck Bangs

Short chopped bob and seamless bottleneck bangs such as these are for women who enjoy cute looks. If you’re a fan of short ideas and you want something that can suit your daily moments, this is it. Make sure that you cut your hair every two months to prolong the exact same outcome.

14. Cute Elf Bottleneck Bangs

Elf cut duo mixed together with these bottleneck bangs is for younger women who like to follow trends. If you like wispy looks and you want something that is modern at the moment, you can’t go wrong with this one!

15. Stylish Bottleneck Bangs

If you want a modern cut and you enjoy trendy looks, this is for you. Make sure that you consider a spicy color and try out this design for your daily moments, especially for the fall season.

16. Short Hair Bottleneck Bangs

Short hair with bottleneck bangs such as this one is going to look trendy and is a popular look these days on Instagram. If you’re a fan of cute looks and you want something relevant, book this design.

17. Elf Hair Bottleneck Bangs

Moms who want a practical hairdo and those who love quick and easy morning looks will enjoy this look. It will take you less than five minutes to style it in the morning.

18. Auburn Bottleneck Bangs

Lastly, if you’re looking for that perfect fall hairdo and if you’re a fan of cute looks, this is going to be popular for the fall. Add volume and depth with these bottleneck bangs and rock them proudly!

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