Do you want to try out a new hair trend? If so, have you ever heard of the French girl wave? This hairstyle is very modern & elegant. Its main features are subtle and gentle waves with simple texture around the front, reminding a lot of beach waves. The hair is often placed on one side of your face for that glamorous outcome (left or right). If you wish to browse through your options and you want to find a look that suits & compliments you – keep on reading!

Top 18 French Girl Wave Hairdos

1. Wispy Wavy French Girl Wave Hair

Wavy and wispy hairdo such as this one is decorated with subtle highlights. If you’re a fan of feminine hairdos and you want to add a bit of dimension to your look, this is how you can achieve it! The result is perfect for the fall season.

2. Side Swept French Girl Wave Hair

A side-swept French girl wave hairdo is a common look for different types of formal events. If you want to look chic and elegant and you wish to achieve that little French girl vibe, book this design!

3. Long Voluminous French Girl Wave Hair

Long and voluminous, this hairstyle is only for those who wish to go a tad bit longer and those who can handle the maintenance. Are you a fan of chic and modern trends? You don’t mind investing in your hair-care products? If that is the case, a stylish French girl wave such as this one will suit you so well.

4. Bright Red French Girl Wave Hair

If you wish to attract looks and compliments, just know that you can do it with this shade. Go for bright red ends and try out this cute bob length. Girls who love to switch up their hairdo for the fall season will fall in love with this design.

5. Soft Bob French Girl Wave Hair

A soft blonde French moment such as this one is commonly worn by women who wish to look office-friendly. You will look so elegant and modern with your blonde locks and this subtle French girl moment.

6. Light Blonde French Girl Wave Hair

A light blonde French girl wave such as this one demands moisture and proper use of hair care products. You shouldn’t neglect your hair care and you should invest in the right shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask to maintain these gorgeous locks.

7. Elegant Brown French Girl Wave Hair

This dark brown side-swept hairdo is going to look amazing on women who have an important event going on. Show that you’re a fan of clean, elegant, and combed-out hairdos by giving this elegant look a go.

8. Shiny Long Brown French Girl Wave Hair

If you love your shiny locks and you’re a fan of elegance, as well as noticeable volume – this is for you! Show off the beauty such as this French girl moment knowing well that it is the best classic and classy option to go for.

9. Icy White French Girl Wave Hair

Make sure that you’re ready to commit to your French girl hairdo and that you’re all about this cool and cute vibe! It is going to suit most women who wish to attract looks and feel empowered and elegant.

10. Yellow Toned Blonde French Girl Wave Hair

A yellow-toned blonde hairdo such as this one is going to attract a ton of looks and attention. You’re going to like this shade, especially for the summertime period and when you’re at sea!

11. Fun Red French Girl Wave Hair

If you love dark red hairdos and you want a bit of that French girl vibe, this is for you! Make sure that you can rock and color this stylish auburn shade often. You’ll have to get regular haircuts and color touch-ups to maintain this cute design.

12. Chocolate Brown French Girl Wave Hair

The chocolate brown hairdo is a full strike for the fall period. These highlights are going to bring so much freshness and dimension to your hairdo. The end result is very Parisian-like and perfect for mature women, as well as workaholic women.

13. Silky Smooth French Girl Wave Hair

Get regular haircuts and blowouts to maintain this design. It is super sleek and shiny, as well as healthy. Getting regular Olaplex hair treatments will do wonders for your French girl hair vibe!

14. Long Locks French Girl Wave Hair

These long and healthy locks will look so amazing when exposed to a bit of sunlight. Women who want an elegant hairdo and those who want something that they can show off during their office hours and important meetings will naturally gravitate toward this hairdo.

15. Soft Side Look French Girl Wave Hair

Go for a side-swept hairdo whenever you’re trying to make an impression. If you’re in your twenties this is going to look amazing on you. Also, book regular haircuts to maintain and prolong this healthy stylish look.

16. Black Hair French Girl Wave Look

Black hair done in this French girl style is going to look very elegant + it is so low-maintenance. The final result is going to suit most age groups, which is what makes it such a universal solution.

17. Short Bob French Girl Wave Hair

If you’re a fan of shorter hairdos then this bob is for you! Try out styling it in the French girl way and everyone is going to admire your style and everyone is going to copy your look.

18. Voluminous French Girl Wave Hairstyle

Lastly, you can go this voluminous and show off your gorgeous locks! If you’re a fan of elegance and you enjoy wispy hairdos, this is your next look to book with your hairstylist!

Time For Your New French Girl Look

So, are you ready for something fun and new? If so, which design you can’t wait to try out and copy from our list? Let us know, we can’t wait to see you rocking something new and modern!

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