Are you a guy trying to grow your hair out? Maybe you want a look that compliments you and looks voluminous? If so, this article is for you! Here, we’re going to present you with some unique and gorgeous designs that can take you a couple of months to grow, but only minutes to style in the morning. Here is what you should consider doing.

Top 20 Men’s Long Hairstyles

1. Viking Braid Long Hair

Long and bold Viking hairdo such as this one is going to look fun and creative on most guys who can commit to the hair-growing process. You should let your hair grow below your chest to get this same style. Braid it on top and secure it with the right elastic to prolong its wear for the long run.

2. Bob Hair For Guys Look

This bob hairdo looks chic and modern. It is stylish and messy, often worn by guys who enjoy low-maintenance ideas. You should add your favorite hair pomade on top to set your strands in place and prolong their wear. The end result is healthy hair and wavy summer-perfect strands.

3. Long Hair In A Bun For Guys

If your hair is super long and voluminous why not tie it in a bun?! Guys who love their sleek strands and those who want a formal hairdo that can look so shiny and healthy will enjoy this specific style. A low-placed bun is way easier to style and achieve by most guys. It is also elegant and shiny, perfect for men who are in their 20s-30s.

4. Bushy Look Long Hair For Men

How cool and edgy is this bushy hair look?! If you want to incorporate a stylish beard along with your hairdo – this duo is going to suit you. Show that you’re masculine and that you enjoy defined and messier haircuts and beards with this concept. The end result is very dominant and Viking-like, which makes it a must-do for guys who wish to assert dominance.

5. Long Blonde Hair For Guys

Not a lot of men can grow their hair to this extreme length. Can you? If you enjoy longer looks and you want to show off your blonde hair and a subtle beard – this is for you. Make sure that you let it grow out for months before you get to this exact point. The end result is very powerful and truly different from the rest.

6. Thick & Voluminous Long Hair

Thick and voluminous hair may be hard to achieve overnight, but with regular maintenance and input – you can get to this point. Guys who can invest in their hair care products will enjoy this look the most. Nourished and shiny strands are the end goal when it comes to this beauty. Simply brush it out and rock everywhere you go!

7. Long Hair For Guys With A Beard

Try out a ponytail hairdo such as this one and grow your bushy beard along with it. If you fancy longer looks and you can maintain both your hair and your beard length at this optimal length, show it off! Moisturize with the right amount of beard and hair oil and you’re going to get these long and luscious results in no time!

8. Brown Long Hair

This cool brown hairdo with subtle wavy locks is for guys who love a subtle amount of volume, yet a bit of that bounce. You can achieve this hairdo by letting it air-dry on its own. Try these wispy bangs as well to complete the look and get the exact same outcome.

9. Wet Look Long Hair

Wet-looking and long hair is for those who want to look like true models! This hairstyle is a common look by those who love their bushy beards and voluminous strands. Show that you love the attention and drama with this semi-long outcome.

10. Long Hair In A Bun

Tie your hair in a cool bun and rock this look for any big or casual event. If you want a sporty look that you can wear to the gym or your next workout session, give this a go! It is simple, quick, and easy, as well as practical to recreate, no matter the length of your hair.

11. Blonde Long Hair With A Beard

Brush your hair out and you’ll get this wispy and voluminous outcome early in the morning! Men who have thicker strands of hair and those who enjoy their bushy beards will like this design. It will take you a couple of months to grow it and get to this length, but the commitment is worth it!

12. Thick Black Long Hair

If you’re blessed with thick, black and voluminous hair, you’re going to fancy this hairdo. Men who love their natural curls and those with thicker strands will like this design. Make sure that you invest 3-5 months into the growing process since hair like this can be tricky to pull off.

13. Voluminous Long Hair For Guys

When it comes to long and luscious strands, as well as shiny hair, why not try your best to achieve them?! This cool look is commonly worn by guys who prefer soft and bouncy curls, as well as longer ideas. Just moisturize your hair since dull hair which is prone to breakage will look bad and unhealthy.

14. Side Swept Long Hair For Guys

A side-swept hairdo such as this one is for guys who want to play a bit with their facial features. You can push all of your hair to one side and show off only one part of your face. Heads up since this look can take months and months to grow out! If you’re a patient person and someone who likes drama and glamour – this is for you.

15. Curly Long Hair

Are you blessed with natural curls? Do you love showing them off? If you’re a fan of cute and defined locks and you want to attract a ton of attention to yourself and your design, book this look! Invest in your chosen hair care products and gels to get the same moisturized and curly outcome.

16. Long Hair In A Ponytail

You can tie your hair in a ponytail and show off its length everywhere you go! Men who love fun and playful ponytails will like this look. Also, you should know how to tie it down and secure it in place with elastic or bobi pins. Take your time until you master the craft behind proper hair tying.

17. Slick Bun Long Hair With A Beard

Go for a cool slick back bun and show it off when at an import date or meeting! If you enjoy cool and edgy looks that have a ton of character (as well as hairdos that you can rock for your next big and important meeting), this is for you. Show it off knowing that it is a sleek and bulletproof solution.

18. Side Swept Long Hairstyle

Side-swept looks are often worn by guys who want to switch to the asymmetry of their face shapes. If you want to try out something new and modern that is super fun, bold, and long – this is for you. Give it a go and let the magic happen and let your hair grow at its own pace. In the end, you should never rush the process.

19. Blonde Long Hair Look

Try out this cool ombre moment and wear your hair wavy & casually! Guys who love their curls and those who are thinking of coloring their hair should try this look. The final result is fun and different when compared to the rest.

20. Natural Brown Long Hair

Lastly, why not go all-natural & voluminous? If you enjoy long hair and you want a caveman look – this is it! Grow your beard along with your long hair and just know that everyone is going to see you as a trendy, fierce & masculine guy.

So, are you ready to go all natural and voluminous? Are you a fan of elegant locks and defined volume? Let us know if you can commit to any of these hairdos! We can’t wait to see you with your modern long hairdo.

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