When we think of the 1970s, images of bell-bottom pants, disco balls, and funky music immediately come to mind. However, one of the most iconic aspects of this era was its distinctive hairstyles. Among the many trends that defined the ’70s, the layered hairstyle stands out as a true symbol of the decade’s fashion and freedom. Here is what we have to offer you, and what will be back in fashion, even in 2023!

Top 23 1970s Inspired Layered Haircuts For 2023

1. 70s Layered Hair Straight


This layered haircut is going to look so fierce and flirty. If you enjoy darker shades and you want something that you can wear this fall season, this is perfect for you.

2. 70s Hair With Bangs


The ultimate 1970s layered look that you’re going to enjoy no matter your age. This bright orange shade is going to look feminine and fiery on most women, especially those with a lighter skin tone.

3. Curly Layered Hair 1970s Style


Try out this curly lob and incorporate some wispy bangs on top. If you have natural curls just make sure to moisturize them and keep them hydrated and soft.

4. Blonde Hair With Bangs 1970s Style


Layers when combined with extreme length and fluffy bangs will attract looks and make heads turn. If you’re all about being bold and outstanding, this is the way to do it.

5. Auburn 1970s Hair 


Most women are going to fall in love with this gorgeous auburn shade. Show off your layers and incorporate some cute bangs on top to get this model-inspired 70s look!

6. Wispy 70s Layered Hair 


This light blonde shade is super fun and worth trying out. Buy the right type of toner if you wish to maintain the design. You can also add some stylish highlights to spice up the look and its elegance.

7. Long Bright Blonde 1970s Layered Hair 


Why not feel like an actual bombshell with this haircut?! If you have fluffy and thick hair and you want to show off your volume, this is how to do it in minutes every day when you get up!

8. 1970s Inspired Layered Haircuts Medium Length


The 1970s were marked by a departure from the structured and polished styles of the previous decades. If you are ready to rock your feminine blowouts, this is what you should consider doing!

9. Hot Pink And Orange 1970s Inspired Layered Hair


Big, voluminous hair was a staple of ’70s fashion, often achieved with the help of hot rollers and hairspray. You can achieve this hairstyle in the exact same manner, just make sure to color it every two months as this shade is very tricky and high-maintenance. 

10. Long Black 1970s Hair


This hairstyle was characterized by voluminous, feathered layers that cascaded down to the shoulders. It was a famous look back in the 70s, and it is a top contender now!

11. Straight Black Hair 1970s Look


One of the most iconic women of the ’70s, Farrah Fawcett, played a pivotal role in popularizing the feathered and layered hairstyle. Her voluminous, cascading locks became the quintessential ’70s look. Do you feel like copying her? 

12. 1970s Inspired Layered Hair With Bangs


Brush or comb through it to ensure it’s free from tangles and knots. If you prefer to work with slightly damp hair, mist it with water from the spray bottle until it’s evenly moist. This design is perfect for everyday simple wear.

13. 1970s Layered Hair With Curtain Bangs


Divide your hair into sections to make the layering process more manageable. Create a middle part and then section your hair into two equal parts, one on each side of your head. This messy beauty with highlights is going to look so sexy and stylish for the summertime season.

14. Bright Red 1970s Inspired Layered Hair


Many women favored long, flowing locks during this time, often accessorized with headbands, floral wreaths, or colorful scarves. These accessories added a touch of bohemian charm to their hairstyles. You are also going to love this little touch-up if you’re off to a party or a festival.

15. Dark Red 1970s Inspired Layered Hair Design


Decide on the length of your layers. For subtle layers, you can opt for face-framing layers that start around chin-length. If you want more pronounced layers, consider layers that start a bit lower, around shoulder-length. Pair them along with this hot red burgundy shade and show off everywhere you go!

16. 1970s Inspired Layered Hair For Thin Hair


Book the best hairstylist you know. Once you’ve achieved the desired layering, you can add some finishing touches. You may want to texturize the ends by lightly point-cutting with the scissors to create a softer, more natural look.

17. 1970s Inspired Layered Hair With Highlights 


With your beautifully layered hair ready, you can style it as desired. Whether you choose to straighten, curl, or leave it natural, your layers will add depth and movement to your hairstyle. This haircut is going to look so good for everyday wear and for your office moments.

18. Light Blonde 1970s Inspired Layered Hair Cut 


With the disco craze taking over the ’70s, sleek and glamorous hairstyles featuring high-shine finishes came into vogue. These styles perfectly complemented the dazzling dance floors of the era. Are you ready to look like a glamorous disco diva with this haircut? 

19. Short 1970s Layered Hair


Are you struggling with styling and blow-drying your hair? Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be discouraged if your first attempt isn’t flawless – with a bit of patience, you’ll master the art of layered hair.

20. Black And Wispy 1970s Hair With Layers 


If you have naturally thin locks and you are afraid of growing your hair out, don’t be! This gorgeous hairdo is going to suit most ladies who have thin textures + it is a must-try for daily wear.

21. 1970s Inspired Layered Hair With Cute Highlights 


The 1970s layered hairstyle left an indelible mark on the world of fashion and beauty. It represented a shift away from traditional norms, allowing people to embrace their natural texture and personality through their hair. Do you feel like bringing it back?

22. Light Pink 1970s Hair


Layered hair is highly customizable. Depending on the angle and length of the layers, it can be tailored to suit different face shapes and hair types. This versatility has contributed to its enduring popularity, hence why 1970s style is back in fashion!

23. 1970s Inspired Layered Hair For Ladies 


Lastly, why not try out this hot bright red hair color? Layered hair can be used to frame the face and draw attention to specific features. This makes it a versatile choice for those who want to accentuate their facial characteristics, along with their fiery personality!

The 1970s Are Calling!

If you’re ever feeling nostalgic for a touch of ’70s flair, consider embracing the layered hairstyle and channeling the groovy and glamorous spirit of that iconic decade. Which beauty was your favorite from the list? Let us know!

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