Chunky highlights – a statement worth exploring! These are quite bold, and retro, and they are slowly making a comeback! With its roots in the ’90s, this eye-catching technique has resurfaced with a modern twist thanks to Instagram and social media. Chunky highlights can add depth, and sexiness, as well as that touch of intricacy. They can be done subtly or extremely, based on your preference. Want to find something that suits your natural hair color, along with your style? Here are some ideas.

21 Chunky Highlights Hair Ideas 

1. Thick Chunky Highlights Hair

Chunky highlights are not for those who can’t stand the attention and looks of other people! If you love the drama and the glamour and you fully want to rock something fierce, different, and new – what’s stopping you from recreating this trendy design? It will look the prettiest on ladies who love sleek and dramatic ideas. Just make sure you get the right hair colors and hair dyes before trying out this color.

2. Blonde Chunky Highlights Hair

If you’re a natural blonde it’s time to spice up your look with these or somewhat similar highlights! Blonde hair is on the high maintenance and pricey side, so be wary of this before you commit to the entire coloring or upkeep process.

3. Chunky Highlights On Black Hair

Black hair can also embrace and enjoy different kinds of chunky highlights. If you prefer darker hairdos and you want to try out something more dramatic – book this haircut. It takes a skilled hairstylist to leave you with the exact or simpler results.

4. Orange Chunky Highlights Hair

Trust your chosen hairdresser and let them work their magic. Anyone who fancies thick and defined highlights will fall for this look. If you’re ready for a proper transformation and you don’t mind the upkeep, it’s your time to shine!

5. Black Base Chunky Highlights Hair

Chunky highlights, a popular hair trend, involve coloring thick sections of hair with a contrasting hue. This icy silver haircut with these trendy bangs will look amazing on younger teen women.

6. Light Purple Chunky Highlights Hair

Want to try out a dramatic pink or purple haircut with a specific hue to it? This retro bob is going to look super popular for younger women or teens who want the attention. Heads up as these chunky purple highlights are on a high-maintenance side.

7. Modern Chunky Highlights

A lot of women would be surprised as to how well black and blonde can look together. If you love drastic contrasts and you want a design that emphasizes your wild behavior, you’ll fancy this outgoing piece.

8. Chunky Highlights 2024

Combine blonde and brown hair colors if you’re trying to get this sexy design. It reminds a lot of the 2000s, as well as haircuts that were popular during that period. Do you like the color combo and placement?

9. Blue Chunky Highlights Hair

Blue chunky highlights and this neon shade are going to look great for younger ladies who love drama and boldness. If you love bobs and you are into dramatic ideas that will attract a lot of attention everywhere you go, book this beauty!

10. Chunky Highlights Blonde Look

A neutral base is the best solution when it comes to recreating these highlights. You’ll love the undertone of this haircut, along with the defined chopped haircut. Color it every four months to prolong its wear time and design.

11. Hot Orange Chunky Highlights Hair

These highlights add dimension and depth to one’s hair, creating a bold and eye-catching look. If you love bright orange shades and you want to try out that Britney-inspired era haircut, check this out!

12. Chunky Highlights Y2K

A dark brown base combined with blonde highlights will look very modern. These chunky highlights are quite popular on social media these days, and everyone is trying to pull them off. If you’re not sure whether this look is for you we can assure you, you’ll like it.

13. Pink And Black Chunky Highlights Hair

One advantage of chunky highlights is their versatility, as they can be customized to suit different hair types and lengths. Do you love this bright red shade? Combine it with black hair dye for the best results. 

14. Wavy Chunky Highlights Hair

With the right hair dye this haircut what hair color will look flawless. Define your hairdo and the chunky highlights with some hair cream and you’ll love the long-lasting effect it has throughout the day.

15. Straight Chunky Highlights Hair

Do you love this dramatic blonde and black bob? How about these chunky highlights? They are often chosen to make a statement or add a dramatic flair to a hairstyle.

16. Retro Chunky Highlights Hair

Chunky highlights can be achieved using various techniques, such as foiling or balayage. This one is quite hard to achieve, so book the best hairstylist you know of.

17. Pink And White Chunky Highlights Hair

Do you love this pink and blonde hair color combo? Just know that these highlights are particularly effective in emphasizing texture and layers in the hair. If you’re a teen woman you’re going to love this cut.

18. Brown Chunky Highlights Hair

Chunky highlights are favored by those who seek a dynamic and edgy appearance. If you love that stylish and retro glam + you’re a fan of fuller and fluffier hairdos, this will intrigue you. 

19. Chunky Highlights Hair Ideas

Maintenance of chunky highlights typically requires regular touch-ups to keep the colors fresh and vibrant. You should color this beauty every two or three months to maintain it.

20. Straight Brown Chunky Highlights Hair

Despite their boldness, chunky highlights can be seamlessly blended with the natural hair color for a more subtle effect. If you love simpler haircuts and you love shiny locks, this is an interesting look to go for. 

21. Blonde Short Chunky Highlights Hair

Celebrities and influencers often embrace chunky highlights, setting trends and inspiring others to experiment with their hair. Do you love this Hollywood-inspired blonde hairdo? 

Chunky Highlights Transformation Incoming

Ready to color your hair? Whether you opt for subtle pops of color or go all-in with dramatic contrast, we know you’re going to love the results! Dare to stand out and dare to experiment!

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