Have you heard of the contour haircuts before? Although it is a newer trend this hair design is often described as something that looks amazing as it can style and frame your face and give you that contour effect. Quite often this hair design looks artsy and is done with different shades and colors which define your structure. If you want to look better, skinnier, or more defined, here is how you can do it through the power of hair.

20+ Contour Haircuts

1. Light Blonde Contour Hair


Blonde women are going to like this warm-toned hairstyle and this contour design. If you’re a fan of stylish ideas and you want to color your hair on your own, this one might be easy to achieve.

2. Short Contour Haircuts 


A short bob hairstyle with cute contour highlights and curtain bangs is often worn by mature women who love serious and defined ideas. If you’re in your forties you’ll naturally gravitate to this beauty.

3. Stylish Blonde Contour Hairstyle


Make your face appear slim and more defined with this contour hairdo and wispy outcome. Ladies who want to play with their symmetry will easily do it with this look.

4. Wispy Contour Hair


If you’re a blonde who likes to try out new highlights often and you’re ready for something elegant and different, this will intrigue you. Show your love for unique blonde outcomes and try out this look asap!

5. Warm Colored Contour Hair


A warm tone contour hair design will look cool for the fall season. If you prefer trying out new ideas and techniques that emphasize your love for styling hair, this is perfect!

6. Contour Hair With Highlights 


Try out this layered hairdo and decorate it with the right type of highlights. If you like beige undertones and you’re a fan of stylish ideas you’re going to like this design.

7. Icy Blonde Contour Hair


Icy blonde hair such as this one is the perfect look during the winter season. If you enjoy icy undertones and you prefer blonde hairdos, this will intrigue you. Make sure to curl your ends as well to get the exact same outcome.

8. Contour Hairstyle Female 


If you like your beige and gray undertones and you prefer flirty hairdos, why not enjoy this style? Anyone in their twenties may enjoy this look and its contouring effects.

9. Contour Hair With Beige Highlights 


Show off your love for sensual hair and try out this romantic contour haircut. If you like elegant waves and you trust your hairstylist fully why not get this elegant-looking idea?

10. Stylish Contour Hair


Women in their early teens are going to fall for this look. It is described as a gorgeous and outgoing hairdo that is often worn to most important meetings or gatherings.

11. Contour Hair With Frontal Highlights 


Ladies with naturally long and fluffy hair are going to love this wispy design. If you can handle the maintenance of your hair and if you’re a fan of longer and more dominant playful ideas, we know this will suit you.

12. Short Contour Hair Look


A fun little bob with contour highlights is for ladies who prefer quick and easy low-maintenance ideas. If you enjoy bob hairdos just know that this one is quick and simple to pull off.

13. Straight Hair Blonde Contour Haircut


If you prefer warm tones and you enjoy golden hairdos we know this will suit you. If you’re in your thirties this design will look cute on you. Go for wispy blowout ends and show off this beauty anywhere you go.

14. Contour Hair Design


Dark brown hair and lighter-toned highlights will give out an illusion of contour hair. If you prefer stylish ideas and you’re quite confident in rocking something universal, this may come in handy.

15. Contour Hair With Highlights 


An icy grey hairdo is for ladies who enjoy their natural texture and aren’t afraid to enjoy their color. By adding some simple white icy highlights you’re going to complete your contour design in a subtle and almost natural way.

16. Yellow Toned Contour Hair


Yellow-toned hairdos and hair with lighter highlights are on the high-maintenance side, so make sure you’re up for its maintenance before you give it a go. Blonde is tricky to style and keep hydrated and moisturized, which is why going with the right shampoos and conditioners is vital.

17. Contour Hair Brown Roots With Highlights 


Contour your face and frame it with the right type of frontal highlights. If you have dark brown hair and you want warmer golden hair, this is for you. You have to frame it by getting a haircut every three months to maintain these wispy bangs.

18. Fun Bob Contour Hair


A fun and short wispy bob such as this one is for workaholic women who enjoy shorter ideas and want a pop of color. This icy white design is going to look so hot on women with pale complexions.

19. Balayage Contour Hair


Balayage contour haircuts are always a fun design to go for. This specific design is going to look amazing on teens or women in their twenties. This undertone is going to look the prettiest for the fall.

20. Stylish Contour Hair Design


Hot bright blonde with frontal highlights is a must-try for the summer season. If you prefer medium-length hairdos and you’re ready for a fun summer hairdo, it is time to change some things around!

21. Contour Hair Blonde Idea


Blonde ladies can add contrast and contours with some darker highlights. This style often looks the prettiest on ladies who are in their thirties. Does this sound like you?

22. Long Hair Contour Haircut 


Keep your hair natural brown but only add some blonde highlights around the front portion. These simple highlights will change your entire appearance and will make you look like a superstar.

23. Warm Toned Brown Hairstyle Contour Design 


If you want to emphasize your cheekbones and you’re ready for something trendy, how about this chestnut beauty? With its frontal highlights, this design is the perfect example of a flirty design that looks stylish and different than anything else.

24. Contour Hair With Simple Highlights 


Second to last, you can also try out this warm-toned layered hairdo. With its frontal blonde highlights, this beauty is going to contour your face and make you look flirty and sensual.

25. Bob Contour Hair


Busy women with bob hairdos can try out this contour design and emphasize their cute layers. If you have kids and you’re a workaholic mom – try out this stylish look asap!

Contour Your Face With The Right Haircut

Are you up for some cool highlights and are you ready to try out contour designs? You’ll enjoy everything off of this list, no matter the length of your hair, its color, or your age. Which one do you like the most and are excited to book? Let us know, we can’t wait to see you rocking something unique.

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