Wide curtain bangs have been everywhere this year, and you’re going to love them and their effortless beauty. If you’re someone who likes creative ideas and you want to find something that is retro and easy to style, you can’t go wrong with this look. Here are some of the prettiest ideas that you’re going to love for this season.

20+ Wide Curtain Bangs Hairstyle Ideas

1. Wide Curtain Bangs Short Hair


Short, sweet, and wispy, this haircut is going to look the best on women in their forties. It is appropriate for workaholic women and ladies who like formal and business-appropriate looks.

2. Wide Curtain Bangs Hairstyle 


Get a bit of volume around your upper portion and style with cute curtain bangs. These wide bangs are going to look amazing on women who prefer fun and long hair ideas.

3. Orange Hair With Wide Curtain Bangs


Not a lot of women would dare to get this orange and dramatic hairstyle. Would you? If you like longer looks and you’re on the lookout for a fantastic fall color, this should find its way into your list!

4. Brown Hair Wide Curtain Bangs


Keep your hair natural brown and add some definition at the top. Going for these high and fluffy bangs will make you look retro and unique, that’s for sure.

5. Blonde Bob Wide Curtain Bangs


A short and wispy bob like this one is for mature women who prefer simplicity and longevity when it comes to their hair. If you have less than five minutes to spare in the morning just know that this style is doable.

6. Wide Curtain Bangs For Mature Women


Even if you have gray hair you can still recreate this design. Try out these fun curtain bangs and emphasize your forehead and your elegant presence.

7. Straight Blonde Hair Wide Curtain Bangs


Try out this blonde and gorgeous hairdo and pair it with some wispy and stylish wide bangs. If you like elegant hairdos and you’re a fan of cute bangs, why not try out this modern and stylish idea?

8. Natural Brown Hair Wide Curtain Bangs


Why not look like a true diva and a model when it comes to this haircut? It is going to look amazing on all the age groups and women who like to follow trends.

9. Natural Blonde Hair Wide Curtain Bangs


If you’re looking for the perfect fall hairdo and you like blonde warm hues, this is for you. Style your hair with wide curtain bangs to give it this wispy and effortless outcome.

10. Extra Wide Curtain Bangs


Go with a warm-toned hair color and enjoy this fall-inspired design. You will like its layers and the outcome for everyday events. Don’t forget to cut your bangs regularly if you want to prolong its outcome.

11. Wide Curtain Bangs Hairstyles 


Black and wispy hair such as this one is going to attract a lot of attention among women in their twenties. If you like stylish bangs just know that you can’t go wrong with these curtain ones.

12. Black Long Hair Wide Curtain Bangs


Cut your hair in layers and incorporate them into your long wispy cut. If you’re a fan of volume and you like to go all out just know that everyone will be talking about this design and your bold approach.

13. Wide Curtain Bangs With Layers


If your hair is naturally brown, long, and wispy, this haircut is for you. Make sure that you try it out if you’re a fan of longer voluminous ideas, and make sure that you can commit to its daily maintenance.

14. Light Brown Hair Wide Curtain Bangs


Light brown hair such as this one is perfect for women who have thin texture. If you are afraid of that showing you can make a slight illusion with your wide curtain bangs. This will easily shape your face and make you look like a true diva.

15. Blonde Color Wide Curtain Bangs


You should color your hair every 6 weeks when it comes to this shade of blonde. It has that slight yellow undertone which some women may enjoy, while others may not be keen on it as much. Where do you stand when it comes to it?

16. Wispy Hair Wide Curtain Bangs


Long and voluminous brown hair with a defined fluffy top is going to look amazing on women who like wispy hairdos. If you’re in your twenties this hairstyle will intrigue you as it is super popular these days on social media.

17. Purple Wide Curtain Bangs


You should color your hair every couple of months when it comes to this shade of brown. It is very easy to achieve and is effortless, often worn by anyone who is a low-maintenance person.

18. Short Bob Wide Curtain Bangs


Try out this hot auburn shade and show it off for the fall season. If you enjoy shorter bob hairdos and you want to rock some fierce bangs – you can’t go wrong with this hairstyle and its bright outcome.

19. Wide Curtain Bangs In A Hair Bun


Wide curtain bangs are for ladies who like to try out new hairdos and look like true trendsetters. Show off your unique approach and let these bangs dictate your whole story and shape your overall look.

20. Wide Curtain Bangs Highlights 


Not too sure what to go for this fall season? We know that you’re going to like this look. Give it a go if you’re quite picky and indecisive, yet ready for a new style that will shape you.

21. Black Color Wide Curtain Bangs


Wide curtain bangs will look feminine and playful, so why not try them out? If you like cute and retro ideas and you want to enjoy that middle parting in style and with more definition, this is the right way to do it.

22. Fun Wide Curtain Bangs For Blondes


Embrace your model look and try out this blonde haircut with wispy bangs. You’ll look exactly like a model and you’re going to enjoy your Birkin drama!

23. Short Hair Wide Curtain Bangs


These bangs create a soft, versatile look that complements a variety of hair lengths and styles. Are you brave enough to wear this color?

24. Wide Curtain Bangs With Highlights 


Wide curtain hair bangs are a popular hairstyle choice characterized by long, parted bangs that frame the face on both sides. 

Time For Some New Curtains!

Ready to embrace your new hot look?! Let us know your favorite style. All of these beauties are a must-try in the near future. 

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