A headband hairstyle allows you to experiment with different hairdos while adding the right type of hair accessory on top to add some fun and versatility. A headband can come in loads of different colors and you can tie it effortlessly while pairing it with a cool outfit. If you want to try out some cool ideas and if you’re picky about your next hairdo, we have your answers and some stylish concepts figured out! Here are some headband ideas you’ll love trying out.

Top 25 Headband Hairstyle Ideas 

1. Headband Hairstyle Brown Color Hair


Decorate your hairstyle with the right type of headband. If you prefer fancy colorful ideas and you are aiming for something creative, you’ll like this look and form of styling. Anyone who loves to DIY their looks will fall for this effortless beauty.

2. Headband Hairstyle In A Ponytail 


A simple headband can do a lot of magic for your haircut! In fact, you don’t have to wear your hair in some wild and funky colors, and you can enjoy the simplicity of this look on its own! Once paired with some minimal makeup you’ll be good to go for your everyday tasks and your simple routine.

3. Red Headband Hairstyle


Bright and colorful red hair is a powerful and feminine look on its own. If you enjoy fiery ideas and you want to look like a fierce lioness, this bright headband will do the magic for you. Just wrap it around like a scarf and you’ll be good to go.

4. Curly Hair Headband Hairstyle


Define your dramatic curls with your favorite curl cream and add a bit of elegance with the right headband. If you love expressing your style and your fierce curls, this is how to do it! Don’t forget that you can wear this look anywhere you wish!

5. Headband Hairstyles For Medium Hair 


If you want a haircut and a headband that’s perfect for your after-gym sessions, this navy blue one will intrigue you. Keep your hair straight and simple, yet embrace the shine with your favorite hairspray for long-wearing properties.

6. Headband Hairstyles For Long Hair 


Super long hair needs to be accentuated with the right headband. This one will make you look and feel like an actual princess! If you love silver-colored jewelry or just the gray color in general, this little accessory will speak to you the loudest!

7. Headband Hairstyle Short Hair 


Rock your short and natural curls effortlessly by emphasizing them with your favorite curl cream or foam. Once you style your locks per your preference throw on a headband accessory to round up the look. A light blue shade is going to add a lot of playfulness to dark-toned complexions.

8. Straight Hair Headband Hairstyle


A black satin headband such as this one is super simple yet perfect for everyday wear. If you’re trying out something casual and made for your daily moments, school, gym, or college, this one item is perfect for your multi-purpose moments.

9. Updo Headband Hairstyle


Your headband accessory will look so good when paired with the right outfit. If you’re someone who loves chic statements and you’re ready for something retro for your new hairdo.

10. Dark Brown Headband Hairstyle


Try out this chocolate brown hairdo and pair it with a fun yellow-colored headband. If you love cure and wispy summer ideas, this will look so pretty on you. Give it a try if you enjoy wavy haircuts.

11. Boho Chic Headband Hairstyle


A boho chic haircut with this vibrant headband and cute wispy ends will look great on women who fancy that truly elegant vibe and something unique and trendy. Heads up since this headband might be a bit harder to find than all the other ones.

12. Headband Hairstyles For Wedding 


Are you a bride-to-be?! If so, what’s stopping you from trying out this elegant and stylish accessory?! If you want to look like a stylish bride and you want to keep your hair from your face, this is how you can do it and still rock a long-lasting design.

13. Gym Hair Headband Hairstyle


Try out this gym headband hairstyle and go for a black track along with some central pieces. If you love ponytail ideas in general and you want to enjoy your gym workout without sweating a ton, this will attract a ton of attention in your case.

14. Frizzy And Curly Headband Hairstyle


Even curly and frizzy hair can rock a stylish headband. What’s stopping you from showing your curls?! Add your favorite curling gel cream or foam to define your curls and hydrate them for daily wear. You’ll look like a retro soul once you pull off this design.

15. Pink Headband Hairstyle


A satin pink headband hairstyle is a fun color that will make you look like a true feminine girl. This headband haircut will keep your hair soft and will not cause any breakage. If pink is also one of your favorite colors, what’s stopping you from trying this out?!

16. Retro Headband Hairstyle


Go for a high up hair design if you’re a low-maintenance person and if you hate the feeling of hair constantly touching your face. This light pink headband when paired with some stylish earrings will make you look retro, boho, chic yet trendy at all times!

17. Simple Headband Hairstyle Idea


For some women and for some ladies, less is more! If you have straight hair and you only want to throw on a cool headband that will hide your grays, this is the best right trick for you!

18. Headband Hairstyle Idea For Curly Hair 


Define your curls with a curling cream to get this exact same outcome. You’ll love emphasizing your wispy and voluminous texture for daily wear. The best part about this look? Anyone can pull it off.

19. Blonde Hair Headband Hairstyle


Blonde women should stick to this hairdo as well as a teal-colored headband. Pair it with some jewelry while you’re at it to get the exact same simple yet effective design.

20. Dark Blonde Headband Hairstyle


Orange is a fun and vibrant color that looks fierce and wild on its own. If you like and want a pop of color for your new hairdo, check this one out! You’ll look like a true fiery diva while recreating it.

21. Retro Headband Hairstyle Idea


If you’re a blonde woman just know that a blue or a green headband will look the best on you. It will also emphasize your eye color and make you stand out, no matter where you go! Try this hair design for daily wear.

22. Orange Headband Hairstyle


If you’re all about retro looks and you have a similar headband at home, what’s stopping you from recreating this look? It will suit most age groups, as well as different hair lengths.

23. Dark Brown Headband Hairstyle Simple Idea


You’ll achieve this amount of volume if you tease your hair and define it with a teasing comb. Anyone who wishes to get noticed will naturally gravitate toward this look in particular.

24. Headband Hairstyles Curly Idea


Curly women will have more flexibility and inspiration when it comes to their headband hairdo. If you like your curls emphasize them with your favorite curl gel or cream to add definition and to prolong the wear of these curls.

25. Voluminous Headband Hairstyle Design 


For some women, less is more! Try out this simple dark brown haircut and pair it with your favorite headband that you have around to achieve this stylish design.

Want A New Hair Accessory? 

Ready to rock your new headband and show your stylish side? If you love fun accessories we know you’re going to like something from this list. We’ve covered it all, and you’ll look like a true stylish diva with some of these hairdos or updos. Which one is your new must-try?!

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