Are you a guy trying to rock some cool and stylish braids? Maybe you’re looking for a hairstyle that you can wear on a daily, yet you want to go for something that is tied up in a unique way? If so, braids are for you, and you should know that they’re never going to go out of fashion. In this article, we’re going to list a ton of cool braided hairdos that will suit men no matter their age, hair length, or hair color. You can rock them to formal, casual, every day, or sporty events. Keep on reading and find the best look down below.

20+ Men’s Braided Hairdos

1. Long Braids For Guys

If you’re a fan of long braids and your hair is long and thick, this is for you. Combine the look with detailed edges and set it in place to prolong its wear time.

2. Men’s Braided Hair In A Bun

Go for a man-braid bun and tie your hair high up. This design is clean and defined, often worn by sporty guys and those who enjoy looking trendy when out and about.

3. Yellow Blonde Men’s Braided Hair

If your hair is light blonde and you prefer stylish braids and you want to tie your hair in a cool ponytail, this duo is for you.

4. Men’s Braided Hair In A Bun

Secure your hair in a braid and go for this low-placed ponytail. It is practical and stylish, often worn by guys who enjoy their thick and healthy locks.

5. Cool Men’s Braided Hair In A Bun

Pair your braids and your hairdo with a subtle beard. You’re going to enjoy this look for day-to-day time wear.

6. Men’s Braided Hair In A Ponytail

Go for a ponytail and braid duo. Shave your sides off to get this elegant and cool edgy look. The end result may suit younger guys the most.

7. Viking Men’s Braided Hair

Style your hairdo in this way and try out the Viking look braid hairdo. Guys who want an attractive look and those who enjoy clean shaved edges should give this a go.

8. Men’s Braided Hair High Up Bun

Try out a high-updo bun and rock this voluminous look no matter your age. If you are a fan of thick locks and you want to try out something new and different, this is for you.

9. Blue Men’s Braided Hair

If you want, why not color your hair and try out this vibrant blue hair dye? You should color your hair every 3 months to maintain this shade.

10. Cool Thin Men’s Braided Hair Look

Cool and thin braids are often worn by men who enjoy short detailed edges. If you are a fan of cool thick locks and you want something new – this is for you.

11. High Up Frizzy Bun Men’s Braided Hair

A high-up bun hairdo such as this one just goes to show you that guys with thick and frizzy locks can rock this look. Give it a go if you are in your twenties.

12. Thin Braids For Guys

Super thin braids are for those who enjoy short and cute looks. It will take you 3 months to grow your hair to this length.

13. Men’s Braided Hair Thick Braids

You should use your favorite hair serum or oil to get this exact same outcome. Make sure that you moisturize your hair and you’re going to get the exact same look.

14. Cool Men’s Braided Hair

An updo braid such as this one just goes to show you that you can rock braids, even if you’re a mature guy. Rock it proudly and don’t worry about your grays.

15. Edgy Men’s Braided Hairdo

Show your edgy vibe and your edgy look with this hairdo. Go for a high updo bun and shaved-off sides. Men who are in their twenties will enjoy this the most.

16. Men’s Braided Hair For Guys Thin Hairdo

Try out this thin hairdo and pair it with shaved sides. Go for your favorite hair gel and oil and apply it evenly on your beard.

17. Thick & Chunky Curly Men’s Braided Hair

Thick, chunky, and healthy locks such as these are going to look so good and gorgeous when moisturized. Set the locks in place and rock the subtle braids on a daily basis.

18. Fun & Cool Men’s Braided Hair

Most guys can do these braids on their own. If you want something short and simple, as well as swept in the back, this is for you.

19. Thin Hair Men’s Braided Look

Super thin and super simple, this hairdo is for guys who have naturally thin and short hair strands. It will take you 4 minutes to set it in place and rock it on a daily.

20. Tied Back Men’s Braided Cut

Tied back and swept properly, this hairdo is for guys who work out and guys who want something practical. Show this look off no matter your age.

21. Long Men’s Braided Hair

Long and bold, this Viking hairdo with a thicker beard is going to look fun and dominant. Show that you’re ready for something new and that you can commit to its maintenance.

Want To Look Bold?

Which hairstyle did you enjoy the most? Do you enjoy shorter, longer, or colorful and chic hairdos? There’s a bit of everything for everyone in this article. What do you like the most and what do you want to copy sometime soon? Let us know!

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