Step into the world of vintage blonde hairstyles, where timeless elegance and old Hollywood glamour reign supreme. If you want to try out some elegant blonde hairdos and enjoy stunning ideas, keep on reading! It’s time to embrace your inner Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly. Whether you’re a fan of retro fashion or looking to add a touch of classic allure, here’s what we recommend.

20+ Vintage Blonde Hair

1. Vintage Blonde Hairdo

Cute and wispy blonde haircuts such as this one will look amazing on workaholic women. If you’re a busy mom who loves precise looks and you’re looking for a semi-formal blowout and an amazing blonde color, this duo will intrigue you.

2. Retro Vintage Blonde Hairstyle

How retro do you want it to be? If you’re a fan of subtle curls and you have medium-length hair, this gorgeous look is going to suit you. Incorporate some stylish bangs to it and make sure you blow dry them to enjoy this fluffy and wispy outcome.

3. Wispy Vintage Blonde Hair

If you’re into yellow-toned hairdos we know you’re going to like this look. Make sure you get a proper toner to maintain this color and to prolong the shine! It is going to look amazing for semi-formal events.

4. Short Lob Vintage Blonde Hair

Cut off your hair and style it into a modern bob. Once done with proper technique and with the right tools, this beauty will attract a lot of looks! The best part about it? It is a low-maintenance and perfectly cut hair.

5. Side Swept Vintage Blonde Hair

Keep your bob short and chopped by using this hair-cutting technique. Incorporate some fun bangs into the design if your main goal is to stand out. Heads up since these bangs need to be washed every two days.

6. Long Vintage Blonde Hair

A long blonde and vintage haircut with icy undertones is a must for the summer season! Anyone who likes wispy ideas and is ready to look like a trendsetter in the following period will fall for this look.

7. Short Chopped Bob Vintage Blonde Hair

Vintage wispy blonde is a gorgeous haircut that looks feminine and super flirty when styled with loose waves. You can achieve this look by using a hair iron or a curling iron. Don’t forget to add some hairspray to prolong the lifespan of these curls.

8. Wispy Vintage Blonde Haircut

A yellow hairdo with this fierce and defined layered outcome is a must-try if you’re in your twenties. This haircut is everywhere these days, such as your social media, despite the fact it’s vintage!

9. Vintage Blonde Hair For Women

Side swept hairdo and this wispy bang moment is going to look feminine and lovely on most women in their twenties to thirties. If you love elegant ideas and you’re into short low maintenance ideas, you won’t be able to resist this one!

10. Long Blonde Vintage Hair

You will look like an actual Barbie with this true blonde hair color. Girls or women who love creative ideas and are ready to try out something fun and pretty will love everything about this new look! Watch out when getting a toner for this shade and undertone.

11. Vintage Blonde Hair Idea

Color your hair every three months if you can handle the maintenance. Anyone who prefers lighter blonde shades and wishes to look retro and vintage will go crazy over this look. Are you looking forward to it yourself?

12. Yellow Vintage Blonde Hair

Don’t bleach your hair entirely if you’re trying to make this haircut work. All you need to do is get some stylish highlights. This true beauty will work on different skin tones and eye colors.

13. Wavy Vintage Blonde Haircut

Women who know how to follow trends and those who enjoy trying out different and new things will gravitate toward this look. It is feminine and fierce without being too hard to pull off even on your own.

14. Simple Vintage Blonde Hair

Vintage is a great and classic idea of trying out something new yet done with a retro twist. Color your hair with the right set of high-quality products and you’ll love the shine, cut, and undertone of this beautiful transformation.

15. Vintage Blonde Hair Chopped Bob

Mature ladies are going to love this haircut. It is stylish without being too hard to maintain, yet it is going to complement your age and your elegance. Are you up for giving it a try?

16. Dark Brown Roots Vintage Blonde Hair

Vintage blonde hair, often characterized by its rich, creamy tones, evokes a sense of timeless elegance and classic beauty.

17. Vintage Blonde Hair With Bangs

This iconic hair color was famously worn by Hollywood starlets like Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, setting a standard for glamour in the mid-20th century. As you can see, Billie Eilish also knows how to rock it. 

18. Messy Vintage Blonde Hair

Achieving the perfect vintage blonde shade typically involves a meticulous dyeing process to ensure the right balance of warmth and coolness. This one will look good on most age groups.

19. Bob Hair Vintage Blonde Hair

Want a chic and modern bob? In addition to the color itself, vintage blonde hairstyles often feature voluminous curls or soft waves that enhance the overall retro look.

20. Vintage Blonde Hair For Thin Hair

Maintaining vintage blonde hair requires regular touch-ups and the use of specialized hair care products to prevent brassiness and keep the color vibrant. If you’re in your mid-twenties you’re going to like this look. 

21. Pin Up Vintage Blonde Hair

Many modern celebrities, such as Taylor Swift and Gwen Stefani, have embraced vintage blonde hair, bringing its timeless appeal into the contemporary fashion scene. You will love this hair color for the fall season.

22. Icy Vintage Blonde Hair

Whether worn in a sleek bob or cascading curls, vintage blonde hair continues to symbolize a blend of sophistication and old Hollywood allure. Do you love this elegant glam? 

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