Bob haircuts are a great new style to try out if you’re ready to go short but still want a little length to play with. Bob styles have a lot of versatility when it comes to the style and you have a lot of options when it comes to styling the haircut. Your bob can be a little on the longer side or if you’re ready to play with a shorter style, your bob can get cropped if you want.

If you love the idea of getting a bob but you’re unsure of where to start, we took a glance at some of the best bob styles and made the perfect list for you. Look on to see if any of these bob styles speak to you and maybe even get some inspiration for your next haircut.

1. Short Bob
Bobs are great if you want a little shorter of style that don’t require a lot of work.
2. Angled Bob
An angled bob gives you a little of a funky style that you can have an immense amount of fun with.
3. Blunt Bob
If you love your hair uniformed, try out a blunt bob that gives you all one length to your bob.
4. Sleek Bob
A straight and sleek bob gives off a great vibe.
5. Rounded Bob
Get a little lift with your bob when you go for a rounded style.
6. Wavy Bob
Get a little sassy with your bob by going a little shorter and adding a fun wave to it.
7. Cropped Bob
Go unique with your bob choice, like this cropped bob with an undercut.
8. Shaggy Bob
A shaggy bob gives you a great look and is easy to style.
9. A-line Bob
An A-line bob gives you a little more length in the front to play with compared to the back.
10. Copper Bob
Have some fun with your new bob by trying a cool color.
11. Highlights
Bring a little light to your bob by running a few highlights throughout it.
12. Mini Bob
If you love a bob style but also want less hair, try out this mini bob that gives you a tad more hair in the front with a super short back.
13. Chin Length Bob
A chin length bob will help draw attention to your favorite features, like your eyes.
14. Dimensional Bob
Give yourself a blunt and dimensional bob for a little fun with your hairstyle.
15. Bangs and Bob
If you love a good set of bangs, try a side swept with your chin length bob.
16. Fashion Bob
Fashion colors looking stunning when paired with a great rounded bob.
17. Lifted Bob
Go short with your bob and add a ton of volume for a beautiful look.
18. Asymmetrical Bob
Go straight and sleek with your bob for a stunning look.
19. Layered Bob
Run a few layers throughout your bob for a fun messy style.
20. Trendy Bob
Have some fun with layers and dimension when you go for your bob style.
21. Bob with bang
Get a full set of bangs and pair it with a messy and shaggy bob for a gorgeous look.
22. Ombre Bob
Run and ombre color through your bob for a beautiful color mixture.
23. Two Way Bob
Get your bob cut so it looks stunning with curls and straight.
24. Micro Bob
If you love changing it up, cut your bob a tiny bit above your chin.
25. Balayage Bob
Run some color and dimension through your hair with a stunning balayage color.

As you can see, bobs are a super universal look that you can make unique your own. There are a lot of options, colors, and styles you can choose when looking at a bob. Which bob style is your favorite?

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