Are you a fan of cool highlights and you want to try out something new? If so, where do you stand when it comes to money piece highlights? This old-school trend which was very popular in 2000 can look so good and stunning on women who want chunky and thicker highlights. The money piece is a detail that is very powerful and dominant. Keep on reading to find some examples and hairstyles down below.

Top 30 Money Piece Highlights

Simple Money Piece Highlights

1. Bleached Blonde Money Piece Highlights

This simple blonde creation is for women who love their blonde hair and wish to spice it up just a tad bit with the right money-piece frontal highlight.

2. Brown Roots With Money Piece Highlights

Leave your hair naturally dark brown and switch to the front portion by sticking to these light blonde icy white highlights.

3. Natural Looking Money Piece Highlights

If you’re a mom who enjoys everyday hairdos and quick and easy transformations, this is going to look so good on you + it is the perfect look for everyday moments.

4. Straight Hair With Money Piece Highlights

If you don’t want to color your hair fully and you want something simple and easy – this is it! Add bleach only to two strands of your hair and show off this beauty.

5. Warm Toned Brown & Orange Money Piece Highlights

A warm-toned cut like this one is very easy to do. If you’re looking for the perfect fall-time switch-up and you’re a fan of warm-toned looks, this is for you.

6. Straight Hair Money Piece Highlights With Bangs

Try out this dark brown base and add simpler money pieces around the front. You can easily achieve this look from the comfort of your home.

7. Bob Money Piece Highlights

Leave your roots dark brown or black and add dimension with a warm-toned almost red hair dye. If you fancy bob cuts this is going to suit you for any period of the day.

8. Brow Hair With Orange Money Piece Highlights

Women who are in their teens or twenties will enjoy this cut. It is very simple to do and achieve, all it takes is one hair dye and 30 minutes of your time!

9. Long Wavy Money Piece Highlights

Longer wispy hair can look so good with a minor switch-up and a minor touch-up of color, such as this one. You can do it on your own even, so no reason to spend money at your hairdresser.

10. Dark Brown Money Piece Highlight Hair

Go for a dark brown base and leave your roots natural, but add color to your inner portion. Women who are in their twenties may enjoy this look the most.

11. Everyday Money Piece Highlights

Dark brown brunettes will appreciate this style and this way of doing highlights. All you have to do is color your hair every other month to maintain the outcome.

12. Wispy Wavy Bob Money Piece Highlights

If you like edgy looks and edgy cuts this will suit you! Make sure that you curl your ends as well to get the exact same design as this picture shows.

13. Hot Silver Money Piece Highlights

Icy money piece highlights are often worn by women who love to follow new trends and try out looks that are popping!

14. Straight Hair With Money Piece Highlights

Try these blonde highlights on top of your brown roots and spice up the design anytime any place! If you’re a fan of straight sleek looks this is going to suit you so well.

15. Orange Auburn Money Piece Highlights

Auburn or orange-colored beauties will enjoy this look so much! You are going to make your hair spicy and you’re going to love this design for the fall time period.

Bright & Colorful Money Piece Highlights

1. Big Icy White Money Piece Highlight

How about you spice it up a little? This cool icy silver money piece highlight is going to look amazing on women who enjoy standing out, as well as women who want something attractive and Instagram-inspired!

2. Short Bob With Money Piece Highlights

How about this cool and chunky money piece highlight? If you’re a fan of thick and noticeable pieces, this is for you! Make sure that you can color your hair every 3 weeks if you wish to maintain this design.

3. Dark Blue Cut Money Piece Highlights

Aqua blue is a fun shade to explore. If you’re someone who loves trendy looks and you want to switch up your hairdo depending on the season – this is something that we recommend trying out, especially for the summertime period.

4. Fun Vibrant Hair With Money Piece Highlights

How bright and colorful can you go? Are you a fan of wild hair dye and vibrant options? This beauty is going to look so good on women who are in their twenties, and want to look like true Instagram baddies!

5. Short Hair With Money Piece Highlights

Go for a yellow-toned money piece highlight at the front portion and enjoy this cut for the day and night-time wear. It is universally so pretty and gorgeous, often worn by younger women who can handle the upkeep.

6. Money Piece Highlights Bob Haircut

If you have dark brown and thick hair coloring it to give it a bit of dimension might be a good move to make. Bleach the front part and are a moisturizing conditioner to nourish the strands.

7. Dark Roots Money Piece Red Highlights

Add a pop of red to your hair and to your darker base if you enjoy romantic ideas. Women who love fiery hairdos and styles will gravitate toward this gorgeous look.

8. Dark Blue Money Piece Highlights

Not everyone would dare to try out this bright blue hair dye. Would you? It is a feminine look with a bit of that goth vibe to it. If you’re young and super curious and experimental, this is for you and your style!

9. Sleek & Straight Money Piece Highlight Cut

Stick to a dark brown base and add lighter highlights to the front. This money-piece creation is often worn by those who enjoy feminine yet outgoing transformations.

10. Short Bob With Pink Money Piece Highlights

You can spice up your bob haircut with the right hair dye and shade of pink. If you want to look like a true girly girl – this is for you. It also has a bit of that modern Korean vibe to it, why resist it?

11. Long Hair Blonde Money Piece Highlights

Not a lot of women can grow their hair out to this length. Can you? If you’re someone who likes long, bold, and feminine looks + you’re a fan of dramatic money pieces, book this look.

12. Lilac Money Piece Highlights

Pastel shades or lilac shades are going to be so popular this spring season. If you like lighter and elegant hues, this is for you. The final result is attractive and very easy to maintain, believe it or not.

13. Bright Red Money Piece Highlights

How hot is this bright red piece of hair? It is very outgoing and is often worn by women who are all about the punk rock scene! If you love to wear red lipstick, this overall combo is for you.

14. Violet Money Piece Highlights

Bright purple money piece highlights are so trendy at the moment. If you love cute and visible changes, why not do this to your hair?

15. Pink & Red Money Piece Highlights

Lastly, how red is too red? Why not try out a light pink base and spice it up with some dark red money pieces on top? If you enjoy spring-inspired colors, book this design!

Want Some New Highlights? 

Are you ready for your new hair color and touch-up? Do you want something that you can rock to any event or occasion? If that is the case, the money piece is the right piece to explore and try doing! All of these looks can suit different age groups and hair lengths. Let us know about your preferred style, can’t wait to see it on you!

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