We love a good pixie cut. With a pixie you’re getting a low maintenance style that you can still glam up. Pixies are also a versatile style that can be a little longer, or on the shorter side if you decide. Regardless of what your pixie looks like, you can have a lot of fun with the style and it looks stunning on just about anyone.

If a pixie cut sounds like something you want to try out, read on to see what some of our favorite looks are. These are just a few rough ideas to get your started with the pixie trend, and remember you can do a lot with this style and completely make it your own.

1. Short Bangs

Pair your pixie with a set of micro bangs to give yourself an edgier look.


2. Layered Pixie

Run a few layers throughout your pixie for a styled look.


3. Mohawk

If you really want to step out of the box, go for a mohawk style with a fun pop of color.


4. Natural Curl

Keep your pixie short and tailored and let your natural curls shine.


5. Longer Side

Go a little longer on one side of your hair to give yourself so hair to play with.


6. Braided Pixie

With longer hair you can add a gorgeous braid to your pixie.


7. Undercut

Throwing a fun design into your pixie is always a great idea. Play around with an undercut.


8. Cropped Pixie

A cropped pixies gives you a little hair to play with but that awesome buzzed feeling too.


9. Long Pixie

If you like the idea of a pixie but worried about the length, go a little longer and see how you like it.


10. Natural Wave

Leave your pixie a little longer on the top and keep everything else tailor and clean.


11. Rounded Pixie

Give the crown on your head a little lift with this rounded pixie.


12. Boyish Pixie

Super short pixies are great and easy to style and maintain.


13. Side Bangs

Give your pixie a little flair by adding a set of side bangs.


14. Fashion Color

Fashion colors are great to wear with a pixie and look gorgeous.


15. Shaved

Keep your pixie close to your head and give it a little spiked look.


16. Wispy Pixie

Run a lot of layers throughout your pixie to give a wispy and free look.


17. Volume

Keep your back and sides super short but add a little extra to the top for a pop of volume.


18. Blunt Pixie

Pixies don’t have to be super short, have some fun with them like this blunt pixie.


19. Styled Pixie

This styled pixie is perfect for anyone who likes a tailored and sleek look.


20. Relaxed Pixie

Let your pixie do its own thing, it will look stunning.


21. Icy Pixie

Change your pixie up a little by adding an icy tone to it.


22. Shaved

Go full out with your pixie and shave it super close to the scalp for a freeing and stunning look.


23. Funky Pixie

A funky pixie will really help show off your own personal style and look.


24. Messy Pixie

Let your pixie be a little longer and messy for a fun and chilled look and style.


25. Chopped Pixie

Give your pixie a few layers and lengths for a truly incredible look.


Pixies might seem daunting at first but trust us when we say they are stunning looks for everyone. A pixie can be styled and cut in a variety of ways and you can have a lot of fun with your look. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge and chop a few inches off, you might find you love it.

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