Bob hairstyles are a great in between when deciding if you want to go short or stay long. A bob can end right at your shoulders, or can be as high as your ears. The style is versatile and looks great on a variety of people.

If you were thinking of changing up your look and wanting to head towards a bob style, we took a look through Instagram to find some of our favorite looks. These bob styles will be lovely on everybody and are super flattering.

  1. Blended Bob

This bob has a sea of beautifully blended colors and isn’t too short for people who still like a little length.
  1. Wavy A-line

This a-line bob is perfect for a little unique look and the wavy touch makes it look simple and soft.
  1. Rounded Bob

A rounded book gives you a styled look that is uniformed and stylish.
  1. Bob with Bangs

Change your bob style up a little bit by adding some wispy bangs.
  1. Purple Hues

Brighten your bob up with a vibrant purple shade.
  1. Cropped Bob

This cropped bob is shorter than others and a beautiful short style.
  1. Messy Bob

This messy bob gives off a carefree style and looks stunning.
  1. Layered Bob

Add some layers throughout your bob for a flirty and wispy style.
  1. Short Bob

Go super short with your bob and add some micro bangs for a cool look.
  1. Blonde Bob

Lighten up your bob with a beautiful blonde color.
  1. Lowlights

Bring a little pop to your bob with a set of low lights.
  1. Side Bangs

Keep your bob sleek and straight and pair it with a side bang.
  1. Micro Bob

Go super short with your bob and add a rounded style to it.
  1. Medium Bob

Pick a good in between length with your bob for a cute medium look.
  1. Angled Bob

A deep angled bob will instantly turn heads.
  1. Braid

Even with a short bob you can rock a cute braid.
  1. Sleek Bob

A sleek bob is always a good choice when looking for a bob look.
  1. Undercut Bob

An undercut paired with a bob gives you a great unique look that’s stunning.
  1. Blush Bob

Blush is a popular color option when it comes to hair color, so why not try it with your bob.
  1. Curled Short Bob

Cutting your bob super short and curling it gives you a gorgeous style.
  1. White

Wow people with your bob pairing it with a stunning white shade.
  1. Feathered Bob

Cut your bob into short layers and feather it out.
  1. Fiery Bob

This fiery look will enhance your bob.
  1. Autumn

This autumn color is perfect to enhance your sleek bob.
  1. Styled Bob

This braided bob style is perfect for a unique look.
  1. Mini Bob

This mini bob is great for anyone who is seeking a shorter style.
  1. Short Back

Go a little shorter with the back of your bob for a gorgeous style.
  1. Balayage

Join the balayage train with a stunning color added to your bob.
  1. Asymmetrical Bob

Give your bob a lot of movement and freedom with an asymmetrical look.
  1. Icy Hues

Change your bob up with a stunning icy hue tone.

Bobs are a great style to choose when looking at a short hairstyle. They are versatile and you have a variety options when it comes to length and style. All colors look perfect on the, and anyone can rock one. What is your favorite bob style?

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