December is here and so are the holidays! Now is the time, usually, that you’re with your family and friends, going to holiday parties and dinners, and enjoying time out and about. Although times may be a little different, you can still rock a cool new hairstyle that is going to wow anyone who sees you and change your look up during the holiday season. Now is the perfect time to go for a new style too and see if you like a hairstyle that is a little different, like something on the shorter side.

While short hairstyles may seem daunting at first, it is very freeing and you will love the change of your look. If you want to take the plunge and try a shorter style out, here are some of our favorites that we think would look amazing on you.

1. Light Lob

Lobs are a great way to go because you still have a lot of hair to mess around with.

2. Messy Bob

A messy bob looks gorgeous on anyone and is easy to style and maintain.

3. Tapered Edges

Go super short with your pixie and work some tapered edges into your new look.

4. Ombre Lob

Ombre coloring will always be in and it is a great style to try out.

5. Bold Color

Adding a bright and bold color to any short style will instantly turn heads.

6. Shaved

If you’re over your hair all together, try a nice shaved style.

7. Balayage Lob

A balayage lob is a gorgeous style to try out and get a new look.

8. Rounded Bob

A rounded bob will give your hair a lot of lift and style.

9. A-Line Bob

With an a-line bob you get a sleek cut that is tailored and a variety of lengths.

10. Long Pixie

This long pixie is on the short side but still gives you a little hair to play with.

11. Wavy Pixie

This wavy pixie is an adorable look that lets your natural hair show.

12. Sleek Bob

With a sleek bob you get a style that is all on length and looks stunning when straight.

13. Side Bang Pixie

With a pixie you can still have longer bangs that show your unique style.

14. Boyish Pixie

A boyish pixie is on the short side of pixies but look gorgeous.

15. Shaved Sides

Go a little edgier with your style and shave the sides down on your new look.

16. Blonde Bob

Although winter calls for dark hair change it up and go light with a beautiful bob.

17. Low Buns

Even with short hair you can rock a cute low bun style.

18. Messy Lob

A messy lob is the best look for someone who is working with short hair for the first time.

19. Loose Pixie

Have fun with your pixie and keep the hair a little longer so you can have more texture throughout eat.

20. Flowy Pixie

Let your pixie grow out and have a fun flowy look.

21. Small Braid

Even with a shorter style you can add braids in for a fun and unique look.

22. Short Updo

With your shirt hair you can still rock a beautiful updo.

23. Pushed Back Pixie

Leave your pixie longer and use product to give a sleek back style.

24. Unique Pixie

Go a little different with your pixie and enjoy your unique look.

25. Mohawk

Have fun with your mohawk and make the style your own.

26. Curled Short Bob

Leave your bob super short and add some curls to the look.

27. Braided Pixie

Leave the top of your pixie longer and run some braids through your look.

28. Cool Toned Bob

Have some fun with your bob and add a layer of cool tones to it.

29. Textured Pixie

Give your pixie a lot of layers to add a variety of texture throughout it.

Short hairstyles might seem a little scary but once you do the cut you will never want to go back.

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