Pixie cuts are a great short hairstyle to get into. There are a variety of pixie cuts you can rock, from a long shaggy look to a boyish shaved pixie. Pixie cuts are a minimal and low maintenance hairstyle that can work for a lot of people and once you do the chop, you won’t regret it.

If you’re considering getting a pixie cut, you might need a little inspiration on where to begin. We went through some of the top pixie cuts for this summer and nailed down some of our favorites. Here are 30 pixie cuts that are perfect to try out.

1. Layered Pixie
A layered pixie gives you some longer and shorter strands to place with.


2. Long Pixie
If you’re not ready to go full pixie, try out this longer pixie that gives you a little hair to play with but still a pixie vibe.


3. Shaved Pixie
Feel free and light by shaving your hair down and going for a shaved pixie style.


4. Faux Pixie
Give your pixie some different lengths to play with and rock this faux mohawk with your pixie look.


5. Undercut
Have some fun with your pixie by adding an undercut to your look and some shaved sides.


6. Rounded Pixie
Keep your neck shaved but round out the rest of your hair for this cool rounded and boyish pixie look.


7. Wavy Pixie
You can still curl and have fun with your pixie. Keep it longer on the top and add some waves to the mix.


8. Pink Pixie
Pixies are a great style to play around with color since you have less hair. Try out this bubblegum pink for a fun pop of color.


9. Side Bangs
Pixies always look amazing when your pair a set of side bangs to your look.


10. Textured Pixie
Give your pixie a lot of layers and dimensions so you can have a cool textured look.


11. Mohawk
Take your pixie to the next level by shaving the sides and going full mohawk.


12. Blonde Pixie
Have fun with your pixie by lightning it up and adding a wave to it.


13. Volumized Pixie
Give your pixie a lot of volume with some styling products.


14. Versatility
Give your hair a fun pixie cut that has multiple lengths and shapes.


15. Shaggy Pixie
If your love the shaggy look, try it out with your own pixie version.


16. Simple Pixie
This easy-going pixie is great for people who want to start trying a pixie out without going too short.


17. Highlights
Give your pixie a pop by running some highlights throughout it.


18. Pixie Ombre
Have fun with your color and try with fun ombre melt.


19. Boyish Pixie
Give your pixie a little length and add a part to the center.


20. Edgy Pixie
An edgy pixie is fun and fearless, plus it would look cool on anyone.


21. Short Pixie
Cut your pixie short and have a minimal hairstyle to work with.


22. Spiked Pixie
Let your roots stand up with this awesome spiked pixie.


23. Beautiful Pixie
Give yourself a lot of hair to play with by trying out this stunning pixie.


24. Red Pixie
Show off a gorgeous red shade with a beautiful pixie.


25. Natural Curls
Let your natural curls be free with this stunning pixie.


26. Lightened Tips
Lighten up your tips and give yourself a beautiful pixie look.


27. Edgy Pixie
Cut one side of your pixie super short and leave a little length on the other for a cute and edgy style.


28. Cropped Pixie
This cropped pixie and short and sassy.


29. Flared Pixie
This flared pixie has a tiny bang to it and a beautiful color.


30. Shadow Roots
Shadow roots are a great color option to pair with a grown out pixie.


As you can see, pixies are a stunning and can work in a lot of different ways. If you’re worried about the length, go for a longer pixie and see if it’s something you want to continue doing.

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