Lobs are an amazing style to try out if you want to go short, but not too short. The length still gives you a lot of hair to play with but not too much. You can add a lot of fun colors to your lob and there is a variety of ways to style it and have fun with it.

We took a look through Instagram to find some fun and unique lobs for you to try out.

1. Burgundy

Burgundy is a fun and great color to play around with on your lob.


2. Fall Feeling

Go with a rich and vibrant fall tone to your new lob.


3. Blonde

Change your hair and color up in one whole session.


4. Dark and light

Add a mix of bright and dark colors throughout your lob for a stunning style.


5. Highlights

Add a pop of highlight through your hair for a burst of color.


6. Rounded Lob

Go with a longer lob and round the edges for a beautiful look.


7. Icy Tones

A sleek lob with icy tones is great for a new look.


8. Deep and Dark

Ombre your hair with a dark brown color.


9. Bold and Vibrant

Go extreme with your color and your lob.


10. Multiple Colors

Have fun with your lob and add a few wild colors in it.


11. Ombre

Ombre color looks perfect when paired with a stunning lob.


12. Chocolate Swirl

Low lights are a great way to give a little light to your dark hair.


13. Volume

Giving yourself layers with your lob will give your so much volume, your hair will love it.


14. Platinum

Really go new with your hair by adding a platinum color to it.


14. Even

Choose to go one length with your lob for a uniformed and sleek look.


15. Sleek

Not all lobs need to be wavy, try a sleek and stunning lob instead.


16. Curled Lob

Light curls look beautiful on a lob.


17. Strawberry

Red and blonde throughout a curled lob look gorgeous.


18. Red Vibes

Run a few red tones through your lob to liven it up.


19. Balayage

Balayage and lobs pair hand in hand and are perfect for first time lobs.


20. Natural Look

Keep your hair a more natural color and enjoy a shorter style.


21. Vibrant

Have some fun with color and your new lob.


22. Chocolate

Go for a long, dark lob that will work perfectly during the winter.


23. Latte

Play around with brown tones to create your own unique color.


24. Warm Hues

This warm lob is stunning on just about anyone.


25. Short Lob

Give yourself a little less hair to play with on your lob, you might love it.


26. Honey

Lighten your lob up with a stunning honey color.


27. Dark Lob

Not all lobs have to be bright and light, try a darker color out.


28. Fall Look

This deep fall look is perfect for a lob style.


29. Halloween

Go with a darker orange color to really show your autumn vibes.


30. Dark Balayage

A darker balayage is great for the fall.


Lobs are a great style to choose from if you’re not ready to cut your hair super short but still want to rock a shorter style. These styles are very popular and look amazing on anyone.

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