Do you love parties, festivals, and raves? In fact, are you someone who enjoys different hairdos? For the upcoming festival season, it is all about expressing yourself through your hairdo. Look like a trendsetter by throwing on a headband, a scarf, or some other accessory. Here are your festival hair ideas!

30+ Festival Hairstyles 

1. Best Festival Hairstyles

Natural blondes are going to enjoy this chic cut. You don’t have to invest a lot of maintenance into making this hairdo work. All you need is some spare time to make these braids stylish and fun. Different colored hair ties will add a fun element to the look.

2. Light Pink Festival Hairstyle

You can go long and bold with this wispy design. Those of you who prefer romantic haircuts and longer looks will enjoy a rosy undertone. One giant focal braid at the top will give it that festive feel!

3. Festival Hairstyles For Long Hair

Wild parties and big events will want you to go all big and dramatic! Those who fancy hair extensions and women who love vibrant colors should try this festival creation. Long braids and vibrant colors often set dominance, allowing you to get noticed at most raves!

4. Green Festival Hairstyle

Fun little space buns are a popular hairstyle for festivals. If you love your hair tied down up and you want to mix and mash two worlds together, this will speak to you. These fun little highlights will also add dimension and depth to your hair.

5. Cool Braid Festival Hairstyle

A fishtail braid is always a good idea. This hairdo is quite easy to braid together, meaning anyone can recreate it from the comfort of their home! If you love the clean girl aesthetic and you’re more so into elegant ideas, this should be your take on festival hair.

6. Fun Pink Festival Hairstyle

Do you want to color your hair in this wild and retro color? If you love fun colors and you’re not afraid of hair dyes, check this out! If you can’t commit to the coloring process you can always get yourself a wig. Wigs are perfect for the festival season.

7. Festival Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Try out this mermaid-inspired hairstyle and add a ton of beads on top. If you like colorful accessories and you want some subtle details to round up the look, this is suitable. It’s super fun and easy to recreate on your own.

8. Pink Glitter Festival Hairstyle Hair

This fun and retro glitter haircut looks amazing on women who love space bun looks. If you like blue and pink shades and you have a hard time making up your mind on your new design, then this combo is the best mix of both worlds.

9. Violet Festival Hairstyle

Violet is a fun shade that looks perfect for the summer or spring season. If your chosen festival is held somewhere outdoors and you want to look like a trendsetter, you can never go wrong with pastels.

10. Festival Hairstyles Braids

If you love braids and pigtails you’re going to enjoy this cool design. It has some hairspray paint on top as well, which adds that playful touch to the look. Usually, younger women gravitate toward this hair design.

11. Brown Festival Hairstyle Idea

A brown festival haircut tied in a braid is a must-do for festivals. If you love fishtail braids and you also like that princess Jasmine vibe, you’ll go crazy over this idea. Heads up since your hair needs to be long in order to achieve this.

12. Festival Hairstyles For Long Hair

A Festival hairdo with chopsticks designs is perfect for ladies who like retro hairdos. If you’re a natural brunette and you love dominant and playful ideas, you’ll go crazy over this design. Just spray it with enough hairspray to set the locks in place and enjoy it for the night.

13. Vibrant Festival Hairstyle

How about a pop of purple?! If you love colorful ideas and you want to try out something romantic as well as sexy, this festival haircut is for you. Tie it up at the top and define it with colorful accessories or earrings.

14. Blonde Festival Hairstyle With Glitter

A blonde festival haircut with space buns and a ton of glitter is going to attract a lot of attention. If you’re a natural blonde and you love glitz and glitter, this is a must-do! This haircut is going to look so good in pictures, and most women are going to love its feisty outcome.

15. Festival Hairstyle With Colorful Braids

How much is too much, according to you?! If you love wild and vibrant haircuts and you want something bold, this is the perfect blend! You’ll love these braids and accessories if you wish to make a statement and stand out for your next big festival.

16. Straight Hair Festival Hairstyle

Simple, sleek, and feminine! This straight hairdo with defined top knot detail and straight strands will look the best on natural brunettes as well as ladies who love formal ideas for festivals.

17. Brown Hair Festival Hairstyle Idea

Stick to your natural brown hair color and try this look for your next big festival. You’ll look like a true party person and you’ll also look like someone who loves to follow new and different trends.

18. Festival Hairstyle With Accessories

Try out a side-swept look and decorate it with a couple of accessories. These giant headpieces around your side braid will look the prettiest on those who love playful and young-inspired haircuts.

19. Braided Festival Hairstyle

Add these giant blue details to your braids and make them more playful. Heads up as doing this hairdo will take a couple of hours to perfect. A good part is that you can get it done faster at a hair salon.

20. Pink And Blue Festival Hairstyle

Light pink or hot pink is a fun and romantic color worth exploring. Women who love braids and black women will want to express their culture and heritage during the festival season in this specific way.

21. Festival Hairstyle With A Braid

Do you like braid ideas? If you’re ready for some dimension and fun, this ponytail will come in handy. Heads up since using the right hair conditioner or shampoo may be tricky for this hairdo.

22. Festival Hairstyle With A Fishtail Braid

Fishtail and Dutch braids will never go out of fashion! Do you have long, thick as well as voluminous hair? Women in their twenties are going to go crazy over this design. It can last you for several days afterward, which is some good news!

23. Simple Festival Hairstyle

Quick, easy, as well as super simple and practical – does this define you?! If you like short braids and you also have shorter hair, try this look! It is super easy to recreate from the comfort of your home.

24. Short Festival Hairstyle

A short festival hairdo with a couple of pins is for those who enjoy minimalism. If you want you can recreate the look on your own. Anyone who has shorter hair can express themselves with this look.

25. Pigtails Festival Hairstyle

Long, fun, and super flirty! This hairstyle for festivals is very trendy and is often worn by ladies with thick hair and voluminous texture. If you love your natural hair why not tie it this way and enjoy the night?!

26. Long Pink Festival Hairstyle

How good are your braiding skills? The truth is that a lot of people don’t know how to do this look. If you’re into cool and trendy ideas and you’re ready for a fun little updo, this ponytail will do the trick!

27. Light Blonde Festival Hairstyle

How about these fun gemstone details?! You can place them anywhere you want in your hair and enjoy their shiny effect! If you prefer your natural texture and your blonde locks this is a look worth recreating as it is on a low-maintenance side.

28. Hot Green Festival Hairstyle

When was the last time you went with something dramatic and green?! This long hairdo and vibrant green color will look amazing for festivals, raves, or pretty much any other fun and social event.

29. Festival Hairstyle For Thick Hair

Bold and voluminous, this hair design is a popular look for festivals. You should grow your hair first if you wish to get this outcome. Blonde women will love the outcome as it can look the best on their texture and lighter locks. A time-consuming design, yet worth it!

30. Thick Hair Festival Hairstyle

Embrace your locks and show off your dark brown hair color. Don’t forget to pair the look with some wild makeup. Big glitter or gemstone elements will make this look fun and flirty while allowing you to be the star of a show.

31. Colorful Festival Hairstyle

Pink and blue hair is a fun and wild statement. If you have longer hair and you wish to express your love for vibrant colors, this is how to do it! Set your braids in place and define the look even more by adding some wild glitter or gemstones to your eyes.

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