Honey brown hair is gorgeous on its own, but especially when done and paired with the right set of highlights. Do you enjoy lighter shades and you’re a fan of elegant locks? If so, honey brown is the way to do it. You’ll enjoy showing off your set of highlights for any season, but especially for the summertime period. If you’re ready to try out something new and if you’re a huge fan of stylish haircuts, here’s what we have in store for you!

30+ Honey Brown Haircuts

1. Curly Honey Brown Hair


Go for curls and incorporate them along with your honey-brown shade. If you love your curls and you can handle their upkeep + you know how to keep them moisturized, this is a must-do hairdo!

2. Wispy Honey Brown Hair


Wispy hair is often seen as an elegant style that you can wear to the office. If you want cute bangs and you’re all up for voluminous ends, this is for you.

3. Light Blonde Honey Brown Hair


Make sure that you color your hair every 5 weeks when it comes to this specific shade and design, as it can be tricky to recreate and maintain.

4. Honey Brown Hair With Waves


If you want a warm-toned haircut, this is for you. This color and this specific design are going to be the most popular look for the fall season. If you enjoy wispy ends and you’re all for elegance, this will speak to you!

5. Natural Looking Honey Brown Hair


The light colored honey brown haircut which you can wear to any event or big and major party. If you’re into wispy curls and you want a bit of bounce to your subtle locks, we can vouch for this shade.

6. Modern Honey Brown Hair


Modern honey-brown hair will always stay in fashion. If you prefer shorter bob designs and you enjoy the wispy ends, this is the best look for you.

7. Honey Brown Hairstyle 


Keep your roots natural brown but spice up the ends with your favorite honey shade. These highlights are going to look the prettiest for the spring season.

8. Straight Honey Brown Hair


A chocolate brown undertone to your hairdo is a must-try if you enjoy colorful warm tones. This design is going to be so popular for the fall season and for colder days.

9. Bob Honey Brown Hair


This cute bob honey brown haircut and a simple wave pattern are for workaholic women who enjoy elegant everyday hairdos. Try out this middle parting to end up with the exact same outcome as in the picture.

10. Honey Brown Hair Balayage


Honey brown balayage highlights are often worn by women who enjoy soft wispy looks. You can wear this haircut to any big end important event. If you wish to show your curls off, this is how to do it!

11. Honey Brown Hair Ombre Cut


Make your hair elegant, glazed, and smooth with this hair color process. If you want a touch of blonde which can overpower the good, this beauty is for you.

12. Honey Brown Hair Blowout


When you do this gorgeous blowout your honey-brown highlights will come to life. Make sure that you pick out the best hairstylist you know about since they can fulfill your wishes.

13. Honey Brown Hair Lob Design


Cute lob design that you can wear to any event or everyday gathering. If you enjoy soft and sweet designs and you want to express your style and femininity, this is how to do it!

14. Stylish Honey Brown Hair


Go with a honey brown concept all throughout your hair from roots to ends to get this gorgeous outcome. You’re going to enjoy this little splash of color if you’re a low-maintenance girl.

15. Voluminous Honey Brown Hair


Keep your roots voluminous and fluffy if you want to attract attention and looks. Anyone who likes cute locks and darker honey-brown shades will fancy this outcome.

16. Light Honey Brown Haircut


You should color your hair every 3 months when it comes to this specific shade. If you’re a fan of glossy looks and you trust your hairstylist fully, why not commit to it?

17. Lob Honey Brown Haircut


Cute lob haircut that you’re going to rock for everyday events and important meetings. It is the perfect office haircut that workaholic women are going to adore!

18. Fun Honey Brown Hair Design


Try out layers in your hair and define your locks like so. If you are someone who enjoys feminine blowouts and you want to recreate a look for everyday wear, why not this? It is universal and so easy to do.

19. Natural Looking Honey Brown Hair


Natural undertone and this brownish shade is for women who like middle parts and long wispy locks. If you’re younger and you enjoy stylish blowouts, we can recommend this cute beauty.

20. Honey Brown Hair With Highlights 


If you like that glossy shine and a ton of definition, this haircut is for you. Show off your healthy and stylish strands, as well as your beautiful locks everywhere you go. Make sure that you invest in your chosen hair mask, as this cut will demand a delicate approach.

21. Honey Brown Haircut For Women


You can try this honey brown design for the summertime or springtime. It is a wispy haircut that is often worn by younger women who enjoy formal prom looks.

22. Honey Brown Hair With Frontal Pieces


Go with feathery bangs and try this hairdo knowing that it is elegant and formal. If you enjoy frontal bangs and highlights- this is perfect for you.

23. Cute Honey Brown Hair


A warm-toned honey-brown hairstyle that is going to look amazing during the spring. If you want longer hair and golden locks, this is a must-try. Get regular haircuts to enjoy healthy and defined hair, but also keep in mind that not everyone can maintain this.

24. Voluminous Honey Brown Hair Design


You should color your hair every 5 weeks when it comes to this shade. If you’re someone who likes defined cuts and you enjoy subtle ombré transitions, we recommend this.

25. Honey Brown Hair Straight Cut


Keep your hair straight and simple as the color itself can be overpowering for some people. If you enjoy straight edges and you are a low-maintenance person, this is for you!

26. Honey Brown Hair Style


A dark brown honey haircut that most girls who are in their thirties will enjoy. If you are a mature person with a vision for your haircut, it is time to show it off!

27. Soft Honey Brown Hair


A soft honey-brown shade that most ladies gravitate to. Add these curl patterns and show off its elegance for big and boujee events.

28. Long Honey Brown Hair


Keep your roots natural and dark, but add these highlights down below. Women who want a long and high-maintenance look will like all about this design.

29. Warm Toned Honey Brown Hair


Keep your ends light blonde and add a hue of honey gradually on top. For women who like cute ideas and want something universally sexy and accepted, this covers it all!

30. Honey Brown Hair Style


Add caramel and delicate highlights to your honey-brown base. You should cut your hair every 4 weeks to maintain this design.

31. Bouncy Honey Brown Hair


Bouncy and feminine, this hairstyle is going to look gorgeous on women with naturally darker roots. If you are a quick and easy type of girl who enjoys practicality, this is for you.

32. Warm Toned Honey Brown Hair


A warm-toned honey-brown haircut like this beauty is going to look the best for the summer period. It is gorgeous looking when exposed to a bit of sun, who wouldn’t want to give it a go?

33. Long Wispy Honey Brown Hair


Lastly, try this hairdo if you want something for everyday wear. Women who like bangs and defined edges will like this look.

New Hairdo – New You!

Ready for your new hairdo transformation? If so, which color are you going to pick out for your next hair appointment? Women of all ages, hair types, and hair textures can rock and enjoy our list of designs. Which one is going to be your holy grail? Let us know, we can’t wait to see you with something new!

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