You might think that by having fine hair your options with short hair are limited. We are here to bust that myth. Fine hair gives a soft and silky texture that can be easy to style and manage. Even if you have finer hair, there is a plethora of trendy short hairstyles that will work perfectly on it. If you’re worried about your fine hair, these styles will give you tons of options for adding volume and giving your hair the lift it might need.

We looked through Instagram and found a few stunning styles that are perfect for anyone with fine hair. Here are 30 of our favorite looks.

1. Boyish Pixie

This pixie style is easy to maintain and gives you enough hair and movement to add volume where it might be needed.

2. Pixie with Neck Undercut

Having an undercut will give the back of your hair the illusion of thicker hair.

3. Classic Pixie with Temple Cut

Creating a shorter style on the sides of your hair gives off the look of thicker hair in the front and back of your hair.

4. Wispy Layers

A shorter bob or longer pixie with wispy layers gives you hair more movement and areas to add volume.

5. Mini Braid

A small braid with some curls will help keep hair from your face but you can also add product for a thickening effect.

6. Blunt Cut

A short blunt cut will be so dramatic people won’t notice if your hair is fine or not.

7. Big Volume

Add products throughout your hair to give you more volume on the top for a thicker look.

8. Multi Layer Bob

A bob is great for shortening hair and the layers will help create the look of thicker hair.

9. Feathered Look

Style your hair with a feather look to it, which helps draw the hair in whatever direction your hair is flowing it.

10. Dimensional Color

Adding pockets of color throughout fine hair will give off a look of thicker hair.

11. Curled Lob

A curled lob just naturally appears thick and full, perfect for anyone worrying about their fine hair.

12. Low Lights

Running low lights through your hair helps give it a thicker appearance and draw the eye in.

13. Dimensional Rounded Bob

A rounded bob adds fullness and the correct color placement really helps with fine hair.

14. Platinum Blonde

A bring and rich color helps bring light and shine to your hair, minimizing the look for fine hair.

15. Shaved Sides

If you have fine hair, minimize the hair and create a ton of volume on top.

16. Short Pixie

A short pixie minimize the length of your hair, creating a thicker look.

17. The Lob

With a lob your hair is to your shoulders perfect for first time short styles.

18. Shadow Roots

Giving your roots a darker tone that melts into a lighter ton is perfect for fine hair.

19. Full Bangs

Bangs give the appearance of more hair which gives off a thicker vibe.

20. Highlights

Throwing a few highlights throughout your hair is great for adding light.

21. Wispy Pixie Bangs

A layered pixie with wispy bangs is a great style for fine hair.

22. Angled Bob

An angled bob is the perfect dramatic cut your need in your life.

23. Two Toned

Pairing a darker and lighter color together will instantly make your hair seem thicker.

24. Sleek Bob

A sleek bob is a short hairstyle that just works with everyone.

25. Fashion Color

Running a fashion color through your hair is a great idea for anyone with fine hair.

26. Chin Length

Chin length hair, like this short angled bob, really helps show off a great shorter style.

27. Longer Side

Keep one side of your hair longer than the other for a stunning short style.

28. Asymmetrical Cut

An asymmetrical cut is perfect for adding layers and fullness around the face.

29. Full Bob

Bobs are a great shorter style to rock if you’re worried about your fine hair.

30. Balayage lob

A balayage color paired with a lob gives the hair a thickness you might be seeking.

Even if you have fine hair, you can rock a number of stunning short hairstyles. Some of these shorter styles may even make your fine hair look thicker and bring the added volume you might want.

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