Now is a great time to take a look and maybe consider changing your hair color. hanging your hair color is a great way to dramatically change your short hair, without having to go near a pair of scissors. Hair color changes can help bring light to your hair or if you prefer a darker look, you can rock a dark color.

Short hair always looks good with a color change and the shorter your hair is, the more options you can have when it comes to lighter colors. Regardless if you want a more natural look, or a fun and funky look, now is a great time to play with your hair color and see what you like the best. Read on to see some of our favorite hair colors that are perfect for May.

1. Lavender

If you want to go for a fun color, lavender is a great option. Purples look great on everyone and the color fades beautifully.

2. Honey

Adding a lighter tone of blonde throughout your hair will give you a beautiful honey vibe.

3. Orange

Orange is a great fun color that also has a natural look to it. The color is bright and vibrant.

4. Chocolate Brown

A deep chocolate brownie a gorgeous natural color that looks amazing on anyone.

5. Golden Locks

A golden color is a stunning mixture on blonde and brown that looks perfect on anyone.

6. Chestnut

A chestnut brown is a beautiful natural color that works great if you’re starting out with dye.

7. Burgundy

If you love the color red, burgundy is a great deeper color to try out.

8. Light Ombre

A list ombre is trendy and looks beautiful during the summer.

9. Babylights

Give your hair a boost of color by adding some baby highlights throughout it.

10. Autumn

If you love a deep autumn color, go for it. It’s perfect for spring and fall.
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