One thing that might be stopping you from going short is the aspect of not being able to curl your hair again. Curled hair gives us that look of elegance, style, and effort. With short hair it might seem like you can’t achieve the same style since your hair is on the shorter side. That’s not the case though. Short hair can rock a curled look just as well as long hair and we are going to show you how.

Here are 30 of our favorite short hairstyles. These range from lobs, bobs, and pixies to everything in between. Hopefully you get inspired by some of these looks.

1. Dark Balayage

Balayage hair is always popular with a shorter hairstyle. Change yours up by going a little darker towards the roots.–anHA8/

2. Blonde Waves

So off your lob and color by adding some nice curls into the mix.

3. Curled Accessories

Add a little flair to your curls by adding some fun accessories to the mix.

4. Curled Bob

Bobs are a great hairstyle to curl and get a sassy feel from.

5. Angled Cut

An angled cut shows off your own flair and looks amazing once you add a curl to it.

6. Soft Curl

Big ringlets might not be your thing and that’s cool. Try out this soft curl instead.

7. Textured Curls

Give your hair a few layers to give yourself texture and flair.

8. Colored Curls

Change your color up a bit to really enhance your curls.

9. Big Curls

Even with short hair you can get some big and fun curls to change your look up.

10. Mini Curls

Give your bangs a little curl for a tiny bit of flair with your hairstyle.
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