April is here and that mean it’s starting to look a lot like spring. With the weather changing, the nights getting a little shorter, and more time out with your friends, you might be considering a hair change. Maybe try something a little shorter and sassier for the spring, who knows you might actually fall in love with a short do and want to continue rocking it throughout the summer. Regardless if you’re a first time short hair person or love wearing your hair on the shorter side, we have a little inspiration for you.

Here are 30 stunning short hairstyles you should rock during April.

1. Light Balayage

Spring is the perfect time you lighten your hair and rock a balayage color. It pairs perfectly with a lob cut.


2. Curled Bob

Add some flair to your bob by giving it some layers and a slight curl.


3. Stunning Pixie

If you decide to go super short, you can still rock a stunning pixie cut.


4. Red Beauty

Spring might seem like light color center but you can totally wear a darker red.


5. Shaved Side

Have a little fun with your hair and shave a cool design into it.


6. Modern Bob

A modern bob is a great way to get into the short hair game.


7. Shaggy Bob

A shaggy bob is a cute style that doesn’t take a lot of effort to achieve.


8. Rounded Bob

A rounded bob gives your hair a little volume and looks great.


9. Small Mohawk

If you love rocking your pixie keep the top a little longer for a cool mohawk look.


10. Braided Style

If you want to add a little style to your hair, try out this braided look.


11. Angled Bob

An angled bob is a great way to show off your own unique style.


12. Asymmetrical

Go for a little of a sassy look with this asymmetrical style.


13. Boyish Pixie

Play around with your boyish pixie and add your own flair to it.


14. Bright Flair

If you really want to welcome spring go for a bring color to really show off.


15. Short and Curled

Even with a super short look you can still rock some beautiful curls.


16. Twist

Have a fun new style like this curled twisted look.


17. Lob

A classic lob is always in style and looks stunning on anyone.


18. Mini Fishtail

Have fun with your short hair and pop a mini fishtail braid in it.


19. Classic Bob

A classic bob is a great style to have and pairs perfectly with a straight hairstyle.


20. Layers

Adding layers in your hair is a great way to get some texture and dimension.


21. Soft Waves

Really enhance your lob by adding a soft wave to it.


22. Feathered Pixie

A feathered pixie is a great way to get volume and dimension with your hair.


23. Textured

Adding a lit of shape and texture to your hair will give you a phenomenal look.


24. Soft Pink

Welcome spring with a new cut and color, like this soft pink.


25. Highlights

Add a little light to your hair by sweeping some highlights throughout it.


26. Chocolate

A dark chocolate hair color is great to use when welcoming spring.


27. Ombre

Have some fun with your hair and go for a cool ombre look.


28. Blunt Bob

A blunt bob is a great way to show your own unique style off.


29. Platinum Beauty

Really welcome spring with a bright new hair color.


30. Accessories

Accessories can really make your spring look.


As you can see, there are a ton of looks and styles you can do with short hair. Whether its a style change, color change, or just adding some bangs, short hair is universal and looks amazing on anyone. What is your favorite spring short hairstyle?

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