Sometimes our stunning curls can be a little hard to tame. You might be worried to try out a shorter style of curly hair because of the volume it might create or the out of control frizz. You curls might also be heavy and weigh down the ultimate look you’re trying to achieve. Fortunately, there is a variety of cute short hairstyles that are perfect to try out with curly hair.

We found a few of our favorite looks and decided to share them with you. Here are 31 of our favorite curly hair short styles you need to try out.

1. Short Pixie

Keep your curls tight and short with this adorable short pixie style.

2. Tapered Sides

Choose to go shorter on the sides and longer at the top for some added volume.

3. Curled Bob

Add a little product to your hair to tame your curls and choose a uniformed bob style.

4. Highlighted Lob

Even curly hair can rock a perfect lob, add some highlights to brighten the look up.

5. Sassy Bob

Go for a short bob that really helps accent your gorgeous curls.

6. Unique Pixie

Go for a unique cut that lets your curls run loose.

7. Defined Bob

If your curls are suffering, go for a short bob that can help define them.

8. Volume Pixie

Give your pixie a lot of volume on the top so your curls can really stand out.

9. Short Sides

Cut your pixie so the sides are shorter and the top is way longer.

10. Boyish Pixie

A short pixie is easy to maintain and style.

11. Loose Lob

Give your hair a trim and embrace the benefits of a lob style.

12. Wild Bob

Give your curls a lot of volume and pair it with a short rounded bob.

13. Chocolate Bob

Give you curls a pop of color with this combination of chocolate and caramel.

14. A-Line Cut

Give your cut a unique flair by doing an a-line style.

15. Rounded Bob

A rounded bob is a great short style to try out that will really show off your curls.

16. Mini Bangs

Give more attention to your curls with a short style and bangs to top the look off.

17. Long Lob

A longer lob will giving your stunning curls time to shine.

18. Messy Bob

Let your curls loose and embrace the benefits of a messy bob.

19. Natural Curl

A short pixie with natural curls is a stunning look.

20. Mohawk

Give your curls the style they deserve, like this awesome mohawk look.

21. Forward Pixie

Keep the back of your pixie shorter and let the majority of your curls sit towards the front of your hairline.

22. Loose waves

A little bit of products will loosen your waves up and give you a carefree bob.

23. Pop of Color

Let those curls pop with a little bit of color and a shorter pixie.

24. Side Part

Adding a side part to your lob is a great way to get added volume.

25. Undercut

An undercut is great to lose some hair and have a cool look.

26. Angled Bob

This style will give you voluptuous curls that you’ll fall in love with.

27. Multi Length

Give yourself a totally new look by have multi lengths and layers throughout your hair.

28. Curls on Top

Cut all around your hair a lot shorter and let your natural curls free at the crown of your head.

29. Uniformed Bob

Give your bob a nice uniformed length for your curls to sit on.

30. Balayage Curls

A balayage color works just as well with a curly lob as it does with straight hair.

31. Short and Spunky

Go ultra short and get a spunky look with your curls.

Curly hair is a style you should embrace and now you can rock stunning short styles with it.

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