Pixie cuts are the best way of showing your unique short hairstyles off. With a pixie you can go as short as you want but there is still a little wiggle room when it comes to length.

1. Longer Pixie

A longer pixie gives you a little more hair to play with, which is great for styling.


2. Cropped Pixie

With a cropped pixie you have your pixie super short with tapered edges.


3. Layered Pixie

Adding layers to your pixie it a great way to gain textured and volume with your hair.


4. Curled Pixie

Even with shorter hair you can still add curls to your look.


5. Messy Pixie

Let your hair fly free with this messy pixie that looks stunning.


6. Rounded Pixie

If you loved a good rounded bob but wanted to go a little shorter, try out a rounded pixie instead.


7. Banged Pixie

Turn your pixie up a little by adding a set of bangs to your stunning style.


8. Undercut

Make your pixie even more unique by running an undercut through the back of it.


9. Volumized Pixie

Give your pixie some volume and length with layers and some styling products.


10. Faux Hawk

A faux hawk is a great way to give your pixie some volume and looks stunning on anyone.


11. Styled Pixie

A pixie is a shorter style but that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own flair to the look.


12. Short Sides

Keep the top of your pixie longer and those sides nice and short.


13. Parted

Pixies are a great style to still welcome a side part into.


14. Bold Colors

Use a pixie as an opportunity to play around with some bold colors.


15. Natural Wave

Let your pixie sore and you’re natural wave peek through.


16. Textured Pixie

A textured pixie is a stunning look that leaves your hair with a lot of movement and is easy to style.


17. Angled Pixie

Go unique with your pixie look and let an angle really define the look.


18. Full on Top

Keep a lot of length on the top of your head for a fun and wild look you can play around with.


19. Boyish Pixie

A boyish pixie is on the shorter side of a pixie but easy to maintain.


20. Curled Bangs

Curl the bangs on your pixie and rock a stunning style.


21. Braided Pixie

A pixie can rock a stunning updo if you’re creative enough, like this beautiful braided style.


22. Icy Hues

Play around with some fun colors, like these icy tones, with your new pixie look.


23. Shaved

If you’re digging a super short look, try out this amazing shaved style.


24. Styled Pixie

Keep your pixie a little longer to have endless possibilities on style.


25. Trendy Pixie

Change your pixie look up by adding some trendy aspects to it.


26. Full Curl

Even with a short cut you can let your curls really shine through.


27. Ombre Pixie

A pixie cut is great for showing off your ombre coloring.


28. One Length

Having your pixie at one standard length gives you endless possibilities when it comes to styling.


29. Full Bangs

Full bangs really gives your hair a lot of volume and looks beautiful when styled.


30. Wispy Pixie

With a wispy pixie your get a lot of small layers that gives you a cute look.


31. Spiked

Go to a classic pixie style with this awesome spiked look.


32. Full Pixie

Keep your hair a little longer and fuller to offer a little more to style with.


Deciding to get a pixie haircut might be a massive decision but once you do it and see your new style, you’ll fall in love all over again with your hair. Which pixie style is your favorite?

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