Short hairstyles are becoming increasingly popular and easy to maintain. With winter here, you might want a style that will look good, even with a hat thrown on top of it. There is a wide variety of short hairstyles out there that will look amazing for your holiday dinners or changing your style up.

Here are some of our favorite short hairstyles that are perfect for the winter.

1. Rounded Bob

A rounded bob will give you a little length but a nice style for short hair.

2. Angled Bob

An angled bob is a little edgy and looks stunning on just about anyone.

3. Messy Pixie

Keep your pixie on the longer side and let a few layers sneaky around for a messy style.

4. Buzz Sides

Buzz sides will give your give more definition and give you less hair to maintain.

5. Layered Pixie

This layered pixie will look awesome on anyone and is a stunning short hairstyle.

6. Side Bangs

If you want to change your short hairstyle up a little, add a side swept to your look.

7. Longer on Top

Keep your sides and back on the shorter side but allow the top of your hair to have volume.

8. Textured Pixie

With a textured pixie you get a lot of movement and depth to your look.

9. Asymmetrical Bob

An a-line bob is a classic short hairstyle that is great for any first time short hairstyle.

10. Boyish Pixie

If you want a style that doesn’t take a lot of work but still looks great, try out a boyish pixie.

11. Curled Pixie

Let those curls loose and add some volume to them with a stunning curled pixie look.

12. Full Fringe

Take your short style to the next level with an adorable fringe.

13. Braided Up-do

If you want to have some fun with your short style, try out this adorable braided up-do for some fun.

14. Bright Lob

A bright lob will bring a lot of color to your hair during the winter and look perfect under beanies.

15. Sleek and Straight

A sleek lob is perfect for the winter time and a great style for anyone looking to go a little shorter.

16. Undercut Bob

Keep your bob rounded and filled with volume but add an undercut to keep some hair off your neck.

17. Red Highlights

Going darker in the winter is always a great idea but spice it up with some ready highlights.

18. Faux Hawk

A fauxhawk adds a lot of drama and lift to your pixie cut.

19. Top Knot

Keep your hair on the longer side and add a top knot to keep the style simple and easy.

20. Dutch Braid

Add a little Dutch braid to your look for a stunning look that is easy to do.

21. Undercut Pixie

An undercut with a pixie will give you a unique style that is edgy and stunning.

22. Blunt Short Bob

Go a little shorter with your bob and let those edges be blunt.

23. Textured Lob

Adding a few layers throughout your lob will give it all the texture and dimension it needs.

24. Edgy Cut

If you want to go super edgy and wild with your short pixie, go for it.

25. Icy Hues

Going platinum in the winter will make you feel like the snow queen you are.

26. Balayage Lob

Even though it’s not the warm season, balayage looks stunning on lobs all year around.

27. Cropped Pixie

With a cropped pixie you still have a little length you can play with.

28. Layered Pixie

Have some fun with your pixie and let it have all the dimensions.

29. Peter Pan Pixie

This short and sassy pixie is perfect for the winter holidays and looks gorgeous with a slight color change.

30. Finger Curls

Keep your hair nice and short and let those small curls show through.

31. Shaved

If you’re over messing with hair, try a shaved look that will look beautiful.

32. Micro Fringe

Bangs are great but that doesn’t mean you need a lot of them, try out a smaller set instead.

Winter is a great time to change up your hairstyle and try something new and different. There is a large variety of short hairstyles you can choose from that will look stunning all season long and make you wonder why you never went on the short side before.

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