Adding layers to your hair is a great way to add dimension and texture throughout your hair. If you’re not ready to make a big change to your hair, layers are a great choice to add a smaller but significant change to your hair that won’t leave you with shorter hair then you want. These layers can only help amplify the silhouette and shape of your hair.

If you’re considering layers but don’t know where to begin, try out some of these options when you go to the salon the next time.

1. Feathered Pixie

Layers in your pixie will give it some texture and definition.

2. Bob

Throwing a few layers in your bob will make the silhouette look stunning.

3. Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical pixies and bobs work well with layers.

4. Volume Bob

Adding layers in tour bob will allow you to get amazing volume.

5. Wispy Lob

Have some fun with your lob and add a few layers throughout it.

6. Short Layers

These short layers will give your hair a ton of texture.

7. Rounded Bob

Amp your bob up a little with some layers.

8. Chop

If you do the big chop, layers are a great way to embrace a shorter style.

9. Fire Bob

Layers and a bright color will make your style look gorgeous.

10. Side Pixie

Go for a slightly longer pixie by rocking some layers.

11. Soft Layers

A soft layer will give your hair a romantic feel.

12. Texture Fun

Your bob will look amazing with numerous layers.

13. Shaggy

If you love a good shaggy look, try longer layers.

14. Choppy

Choppy layers allows you to have a lot of fun with your hair.

15. Dimensions

A fun color paired with layers lets you have a ton of dimensions.

16. Highlights

Adding a touch of color will really bring those layers out.

17. Styled

You can easily style a layered look.

18. Long Bob

A longer bob with layers is a look you need to try.

19. Rockstar

Go for a cooler, edgier look.

20. Shorter Layers

Shorter layers are perfect for a great style.

21. Curled Layers

A curled layered style looks beautiful.

22. Balayage Layers

Balayage coloring with layers is a trend you should jump on.

23. Chestnut Beauty

A natural chestnut color looks gorgeous with layers.

24. Pixie Look

A pixie layered look is a stunning style.

25. Graduate Bob

This bob style is adorable for a layered.

26. Summer Look

Some brighter highlights is a great look for summer.

27. All Over Layers

Layers throughout the hair give you some much texture.

28. New Bob

Enjoy a bob style with fresh layers.

29. Even Layers

Your layers can be more uniformed.

30. Vivid

Layers will enhance your vivid color.

31. Messy

Layers are the ultimate way to get a messy style.

32. New Look

If you wanted to change your look, layers will help with that.

Layers are the perfect way to change your look for the better and make you hair look drastically different, without doing too much to it.

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