The new school year it upon us and although we might not step foot onto campus, you still want to impress your friends and peers through Zoom with an awesome new style. A short hairstyle is perfect for back to school because you can rock a lot of short, sassy looks that don’t take too much time to style or maintain. Deciding to do the chop might seem scary but trust us, short hair is the way to go.

We found some of our favorite short hairstyles to share with you and maybe give you a little inspiration for you own new look. Take a look at 33 of our favorite short back to school hairstyles that you can totally wear.

1. Balayage Lob

Both balayage color and a lob style are super popular right now and perfect for school.

2. Longer Pixie

This longer pixie still gives you a lot of hair to play with.

3. Slim Bob

A bob is a perfect transition into short hair and is easy to style.

4. Highlighted Bob

Highlights will make your hair pop on camera.

5. Pop of Color

Have a little fun with your lob and add a fashion color into the mix.

6. Cropped Pixie

This cropped pixie is stunning and has a lot of fun movement.

7. Lifted Bob

Give your bob a lot of layers that will offer texture and lift throughout your hair.

8. Bangs

If you want to just have a slight change to your look, bangs go beautifully with a lob.

9. Sleek Lob

Not all lobs need to be curled or wavy, try a sleek on instead.

10. Icy Hues

A platinum bob will instantly turn heads.

11. Layered Rounded Bob

Add a lot of layers throughout your rounded bob for a unique shape.

12. Waved Bob

A wavy bob will give you a soft look and perfect for a first short hairstyle.

13. Boyish Pixie

If you want a style that is easy to maintain, a boyish pixie is for you.

14. Pinned Back

A short bob with a pinned back is an easy hairstyle for school.

15. Braided Lob

A lob with a braided detail is perfect for adding texture to your hair.

16. Layered Bob

A bob with multiple layers is great for dimension.

17. Braided Detail

A bob pair with this side braided detail is great for a fun look.

18. Back Knot

Get your hair out of the way with a lob pushed into a back knot.

19. Chestnut

Chestnut coloring on a darker lob is perfect for the first day of class.

20. Unique Undercut

Show off your own person style with this stunning undercut.

21. Sassy Pixie

This sassy pixie has a lot of layers and a pop of color, perfect for a unique person.

22. Cropped Bob

A cropped bob is shorter than your traditional bob and offers a variety of layers.

23. Duo Color

Really wow your friends with a trendy short cut and a duo color.

24. Curled Pixie

Leave your pixie longer on the top and finish it off with some stunning curls.

25. Shaved Pixie

A shaved pixie it super short and allows you to add a unique design into it.

26. Autumn Pixie

A longer pixie with a gorgeous autumn color is perfect for the first day of class.

27. Accessories

A few accessories and a bob go hand in hand together.

28. Super Straight

A straight bob will give you a uniformed style.

29. Lifted Bob

If you have thick hair a bob is perfect because you’ll get instant lift.

30. Messy Pixie

With a messy pixie you have a lot of hair to play with and do what you please.

31. Shaved Nape

Keep your hair short and off your neck with this pixie style.

32. Caramel Tones

Brighten your hair up with soft caramel tones and a stunning lob.

33. Strawberry

Strawberry coloring looks stunning with a rounded bob and perfect for the hotter months.

Your friends and classmates will love you new short style and we hope you found a lot of inspiration with this post.

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