A lot of people believe that when you turn a certain age, the fun and sassiness of a new haircut goes right out the window. We are here to tell you, everyone is wrong. Regardless of your age, you can have whatever fun and unique haircut you want and a short hairstyle is the perfect one to try out if you want to.

These hairstyles can range from a super short pixie, to an easy to maintain bob, there are an array of different short hairstyles you can choose from that will look awesome once you go for the chop. We took a look through Instagram to find some of our favorite short haircuts for older women, take a look.

  1. Short Bob

This short bob still gives you a lot of hair to style and have some fun with.

  1. Wispy Pixie

Say goodbye to your long hair and embrace this stunning wispy pixie.

  1. Sleek Bob

A sleek bob will make you look like a powerhouse and In charge.

  1. Shaved Pixie

Have some fun with your pixie but shaving the underside a little shorter than normal.

  1. Volume Pixie

This pixie offers a lot of layers and a ton of volume for a gorgeous style.

  1. Curled Bob

Have a glow up with this beautiful curled bob, perfect for anyone who wants a new look.

  1. Rounded Bob

This rounded bob that is all one length is perfect for a new short look.

  1. Wild Pixie

This pixie is fun and has a lot of life to it.

  1. Undercut

Really show off your new style with a cool and unique undercut.

  1. Dimensional Bob

Adding a lot of layers throughout your bob gives your hair dimension and texture.

  1. Long Pixie

This longer pixie gives you length in the front and back, plus you can finish it with a fun color.

  1. Angled Bob

An angled bob helps show off your personality and is fun to style.

  1. A-Line Bob

This a-line bob is wild and perfect for a new short look.

  1. Classy Pixie

A classy pixie is styled perfect with a few loose waves for some softness.

  1. Center Part Pixie

Gives you pixie some movement with a center part.

  1. Tousled Bob

This tousled bob has a lot of long layers and a messy feel to it.

  1. Sassy Bob

A sassy bob gives you hair movement and is a little shorter on the sides.

  1. Bangs

Change your short hairstyle up with a set of full bangs.

  1. The Lob

The lob is a popular style that anyone can rock, regardless of their age.

  1. Feathered Pixie

A feathered pixie will give your short layers to play around with that look amazing.

  1. Messy Pixie

With a messy pixie your back is a little short and you have some free layers in the front.

  1. Micro Bob

A micro bob is super short with a uniformed length that is great for something new.

  1. Boyish Pixie

This pixie with super short and easy to maintain.

  1. Light Bob

Show your bob off with a uniformed cut and a light color.

  1. Curled

Let your curls fly free and use a little product to keep the frizz at bay.

  1. Highlights

Lighten your bob up with a few highlights throughout it.

  1. Textured Pixie

A textured pixie is a great way to introduce yourself to a pixie cut.

  1. Curled Pixie

Shave your sides and leave the top of your pixie long and add a bunch of big curls for a stunning style.

  1. Ombre Hue

Have some fun with your color and try an ombre hue with your bob.

  1. Edgy Pixie

With an edgy pixie, one side is shaved while the other has length and it’s a great unique style to try out.

  1. Cute Angled Bob

This bob is perfect for anyone experiencing a new short style.

  1. Faux Hawk

With a fauxhawk you get a fun new style that looks stunning.

  1. Simple Pixie

This simple pixie is easy to style and maintain and perfect for a new short pixie look.


Regardless of your age you can wear a stunning new short look that will turn heads and look gorgeous.

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