Short hairstyles have been sweeping Instagram lately. Sure people still rock their long princess locks but now people are rocking short bobs, sassy pixies, and lobs all over the place. A short hairstyle may seem daunting but once you take the chop you won’t regret a thing.

Take a look at 35 of these Instagram worthy short hairstyles and see if making a big cut is something in your future. You may feel like short hair limits you on style but there is a lot of style options that you can play with then it comes short hairstyle.

1. Dutch Braid

Even with a short style you can still do a cute Dutch braid. This braid will help pull hair out of your face but also give you a cool and cute style.

2. Blunt Rounded Bob

Bobs are always a good go to short hairstyle. They are overly short but they’re also not super long. Try out a very blunt rounded bob that will help accent your face.

3. Dark Lob

A lob looks absolutely stunning when pair with a dark chocolate hair color. Amp up your love a little more by adding a slight wave to it.

4. Curled Bob

A short and rounded curled bob is a gorgeous short hairstyle that is perfect to dive into if you’re thinking of doing a big chop.

5. Wispy Bangs

If you’re already rocking a short hairstyle but want a little change, try adding a wispy bang to your look. The wispy aspect of the bangs make them light and minimal, perfect for bangs.

6. Opal

Doing a color change to a short hairstyle is a great way to turn heads and feel fresh. If you really want to change your color, try out this beauty opal look.

7. Angled Bob

Bobs are great to have as a short hairstyle but if you’re feeling a little sassy and different, go for the angled bob look. This makes your hair in the back shorter but longer in the front.

8. Extreme Cut

Pixies are beautiful and perfect for people who really love short hair. Take your pixie to the next level by adding in some razor precise lines and maybe keep it longer on the top.

9. Elevated Bob

Getting an elevated bob means you have a ton of layers to give your hair the lift and pop when you style it. Try one for yourself and enjoy all the volume.

10. Roses

Even with a shorter hairstyle you can still do beautiful styles for weddings, prom, or any event. This rose bun with braids is a beautiful style you can rock with a lob or a bob.

11. Fire Ombre

Ombres are a great way to draw attention to your hair but also have fun with your color. This fire ombre that melts from a deep orange or a lighter tangerine orange is perfect for anyone who wants an almost natural color but not what everyone else is rocking.

12. Curled Pixie

Pixies are super universal when it comes to cutting and styling. For your pixie try shorter on the sides with a longer top that you can curl. The curls will give you volume and lift, plus it will look stunning.

13. Layered Pixie

A layered pixie is great for anyone who doesn’t want to do too much work with their hair. All you need to do is run your hands through it and you’re done.

14. Tousled Lob

A lob is perfect when you add a lot of layers to it and give it a tousled look. By adding some curls, styling cream, and volume you will instantly have a beautiful style.

15. Undercut

Usually undercuts are around the the nape of your neck but take your hair to the extreme. Shave park of your hair and do a cool hair tattoo, styling the rest of your hair in a blunt bob.
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