It’s a new month so maybe it’s time for a new hairstyle. July is the perfect time to change your look up, go a little shorter, and embrace a new style. The heat is on, so now is the perfect time to ditch those long locks and find something a little cooler that you might like. The best part is if short hair isn’t for you, your hair will be back to normal by fall.

We took a look through Instagram and are sharing some of our favorite looks for the site. These looks are not only unique but versatile and will looking stunning on just about anyone. Here are 35 of our favorite short hairstyles.

1. Cropped Pixie

Have some fun with a pixie, making it super short with a lot of layers.

2. Burgundy Lob

Choose a lob, which is super popular, a pop a lovely burgundy color on top.

3. Dimensional Highlights

Give your hair a lift with some dimensional highlights that will add color and texture to your look.

4. Rounded Bob

A rounded bob can have a little flare to it, try it out.

5. Long Pixie

Going short with a pixie might seem daunting, so keep a little length to have some fun with.

6. Light Hues

Add a little light to your lob with a mix of lowlights and highlights.

7. Short Bob

This short bob is perfect for anyone who recently joined the short hair train and wants to have some fun.

8. Light Brown

Brown is a great color to rock with a lob, try a lighter said for the summer.

9. Pixie with Bangs

Go short with your pixie but add some bangs for more depth.

10. Angled Bob

If you like being a little different, try an angled bob that gives you more length in the front.

11. Long Pixie

Give your have a little length with your pixie so you have a little room to play with.

12. Lifted Bob

Let that bob fly high with a lot of layers and volume.

13. Blunt Lob

A blunt lob gives you a sleek look and one length.

14. French Braid

Even with short hair you can rock a cute braided style.

15. Short and Curled

Keep your hair super short and let your natural curl shine through.

16. Chocolate Lob

Accent your lob with a beautiful chocolate color and a nice wave.

17. Short Pixie

Gives that pixie an icy look and keep it short and simple.

18. Shaved Pixie

Shave parts of your head and keep on side a little longer for a unique pixie style.

19. Micro Bob

Cut your bob super short and keep it one length for a trendy look.

20. Boyish Pixie

Give your hair a shaggy feel with a little length and a lot of layers.

21. Balayage

Pop onto the balayage bandwagon and show your shirt do off.

22. Unique Pixie

Go against the grain with your pixie and make it uniquely you.

23. Layered Bob

Have some fun with your bob and add a lot of layers.

24. Straight Bob

This rounded bob will give you a lot of height and length.

25. Shadow Roots

Shadow roots are a great way to preserve your hair and have a cool style.

26. Wild Pixie

There are a number of options out there when it comes to a cool looking pixie.

27. Autumn Lob

If you can’t wait for the fall weather, so it off with your hair.

28. Shine

Finish your short hair style off with a beautiful gloss that makes it shine.

29. Ombre Bob

Show your rounded bob off with a stunning ombre color.

30. Twist Back

Keep your hair out of your face with this simple twisted style.

31. Undercut

Add some flair to your bob or pixie with an undercut.

32. Flared Pixie

Give your pixie a shirt cut with a bunch of smaller layers throughout it.

33. Asymmetrical Pixie

Even your shortest pixie can be stunning.

34. Strawberry

Add a little character to your hair color with this gorgeous strawberry shade.

35. Dimensional Bob

Layers and texture will give your bob so much dimension it will look stunning.

As you can see there’s a variety of different styles you can rock when it comes to short hairstyles. You can even make your own favorite style uniquely yours.

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