Pixie cuts may seem a little hard to wrap your head around. With a pixie your hair is super short, which a lot of people feel uncomfortable with. The thing about pixie cuts is how versatile they are and the gorgeous looks you can create with them. Don’t believe us?

Here are 35 stunning pixie cuts that you need to try if you’re looking for a new cut or look.

1. Textured Pixie

A textured pixie is great for starting out. It gives your hair a lot of movement and some sections are larger then others.


2. Pink Pixie

Go for a unique change with a shorter pixie with a bubblegum pink color.


3. Shaggy Pixie

A shaggy pixie gives you a little more length to play with if you’re worried about making the drastic cut.


4. Boyish Pixie

If you want to embrace the cut, go for this boyish pixie. It’s super short, easy to maintain, and looks amazing.


5. Pixie with Bangs

Add a side swept bang to your pixie for a totally different look.


6. Smokey Highlights

Give your pixie some definition with a few smokey highlights. You can rock one like this that offer smokey green highlights.


7. Longer Pixie

This longer pixie gives you a lot of hair to play with and looks stunning.


8. Rocker Pixie

Have fun with your pixie by shaving some of you hair down and keeping the top a little longer.


9. Short Pixie

A shorter pixie can really show your layers and unique style.


10. Bold Pixie

Go bold with your pixie and add some longer pieces in the front where they slowly get shorter.


11. Accessories

Even with a pixie cut you can add a few accessories for a gorgeous look.


12. Mohawk Fun

When you leave your pixie a little longer on top you can rock a lot of styles like this mohawk.


13. Pixie with Undercut

An undercut is a great way to get some hair off your neck, plus you can add a cool design in.


14. Two Tone Pixie

Rock your pixie with a fun two tone color look.


15. Pop of Color

If you’re already loving your pixie add a pop of color to change it up a bit.


16. Stained Glass Pixie

Have some fun with your pixie and go for a completely unique look, like this undercut with multiple colors.


17. Pixie Waves

With a little longer hair in the front you can achieve this amazing wave effect on your pixie.


18. Natural Curls

Keep your natural curls and cut your hair into a longer pixie. The end result will be beautiful.


19. Curled Pixie

Add a few curls throughout your pixie for a stunning look.


20. Layered Pixie

When you add layers in your pixie it will give your hair a lot of shape, dimension, and texture.


21. Rounded Pixie

You don’t have to go super short to get a cute pixie. Keep your hair longer and cut it into a rounded design.


22. Lifted Pixie

Add products throughout your pixie to get a nice lift to it.


23. Cropped Pixie

Find a good in between with a pixie and a bob for a cool and unique look.


24. Lavender Vibes

With a longer pixie, run some lavender through it for a fun and stunning color.


25. Icy Blonde

Pixie’s are the best hairstyle to have when messing around with color, like this icy blonde.


26. Pastel Pink

Really show your pixie off by adding a light touch of pink to it.


27. Chocolate Pixie

Welcome the colder weather in by changing up the color of your pixie to something warm, like this chocolate color.


28. Grown Out Pixie

A pixie on the longer side looks amazing and offers a lot of fun styles.


29. Highlighted Pixie

Bring some light your pixie by running some highlights throughout it.


30. Multiple Layers

Your hair will look gorgeous with multiple layers running through it.


31. Braided Pixie

Even with a pixie you can add a fun and easy braid to it.


32. Wine Stained Pixie

This stunning wine color will pair perfectly with any pixie style.


33. White Pixie

Go completely different with your pixie and color it a fun white.


34. Beach Waves

When you keep your pixie a little longer you can add a few beach waves throughout it.


35. Chestnut Pixie

A nice chestnut color is perfect to pair with your longer pixie cut.


Pixies are a universal look that is great for anyone. You can do a lot of styles with a pixie cut and even add fun colors throughout out.

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