New month means a new hairstyle. Short hairstyles are making waves everywhere and we can see why. Going short allows you so much freedom when it comes to your look and even the color you decide to do. While going to short might seem a little daunting, once you do it you will wonder why you never went short before.

If you’re playing with the idea of going short but need a little extra push, here are a few short hair ideas that may get you to the salon a little faster.

1. Layered Pixie

This layered pixie gives you a lot of movement and spunk.

2. Short Pixie

Taking your pixie short is a great way to try a new style.

3. Wavy Lob

Lobs are always great if you’re going from super long to short.

4. Micro Bang

These micro bangs really draw attention to your new short do.

5. Sleek

This sleek hairstyle is perfect for anyone looking for a nice bob.

6. Shaggy Pixie

With a shaggy pixie you can have a lot of style options.

7. Platinum Pixie

Going platinum with your pixie is a great idea.

8. Curled Bob

Cut your hair into a bob and let your curls loose.

9. High Pixie

Add some length to the top of your pixie for some lift.

10. Blunt Bob

Keep your bob all one length for a stunning look.

11. Mohawk

Go unique and bold with your new short look.

12. Versatile Cut

Choose a different cut when it comes to your pixie style.

13. Classic Bob

A bob is a great short style that works for everyone.

14. Pop of Color

Add a pop of color to your pixie to change it up.

15. Middle Part

A middle part looks great on a shaggy bob.

16. Edgy Pixie

This pixie still gives you length but also some bluntness.

17. Berry

Plop a berry color on your hair and a stunning look.

18. Pink

Pink hair is always in style and maybe something you should try.

19. Undercut

Leave a little less hair on your neck with an undercut.

20. Textured Bob

Your bob can be on the shorter side with a lot of texture.

21. Side Part

Add a side part to your bob and a beautiful and classic look.

22. Burgundy

This burgundy balayage pairs perfectly with a lob.

23. Rich Lob

This rich brown color with this curled lob looks gorgeous.

24. Top Knots

Rock a cute top knot style with your short hair.

25. Inverted Bob

This inverted bob is short but looks amazing.

26. Balayage

Balayage coloring is perfect for a lob.

27. Boyish Pixie

This boyish pixie is short and easy to maintain.

28. Short Bob

With a short bob you have a lot of styling options.

29. Silver

Have fun with your hair color and try this silver out.

30. Dip Dye

With a dip dye just the ends get color, like this amazing wine color.

31. Banged Pixie

Add a set of bangs to your pixie for a cute but low maintenance look.

32. Feathered Pixie

Include a bunch of short layers to your pixie.

33. Messy Bob

This messy bob has a lot of layers and texture with it.

34. Lifted Bob

Add some extra layers in the back for a rounded and lifted look.

35. Easy Pixie

This pixie is short and doesn’t take a lot of work to maintain.

There are thirty-five amazing styles you can get a little inspiration from if you want to go a little shorter with your look.

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