Wedding season is in full swing, which means fancy dress, all night partying, and of course stunning hair. Your wedding day hair is important because you want to have your own unique style but you also want it to look romantic and whimsical. Even with short hair, you can have a gorgeous hairstyle that you won’t regret on your wedding day.

Here are 40 of our favorite short wedding day hairstyles.

1. Low Bun with Braid
A low bun is romantic and stunning for a wedding. Amp your style up a bit by adding a small braid and a few loose curls.

2. Classic Low Bun
A low bun is classic, whimsical, and stunning. You don’t need a lot to have a beautiful wedding day hair.

3. Wavy Ponytail
Ponytails may not seem like wedding hair but they totally can be. Add a curl to your hair and rock a low, loose ponytail on your special day.

4. Simple Twist
Add a small, simple twist to your hair and leave the rest down and wavy. Add a little accessories for a bit of fun.

5. Textured Braid Updo
A braid can go a long way on your wedding day. Try this textured braid turned into an up-do and add a little baby’s breath to it.

6. Twist into Low Bun
Put to classic looks together for a stunning and romantic look. Add a few flyways for the perfect touch.

7. Effortless Waves
These beautiful waves paired with a twist gives an easy and romantic style.

8. Twisted Halo Braid
The twisted halo braid gives you your own crown to wear, plus it’s super easy to add a few accessories.

9. Tons of Texture
Texture gives your hair a lot of depth and definition, giving you a stunning style.

10. Lob Waves
Short curls with a simple twist and a little accessory is an easy but beautiful hair style for your wedding.

11. Messy Braid into Bun
Create a long braid that goes into a messy bun with a few flyaway.

12. Volume with Flowers
Add a lot of volume to your hair and a slightly messy wave, and add a flower for the finishing touch.

13. French Twist
Go for a lovely French Twist with a beautiful side accessory.

14. Messy Curls
Leave your hair down and add a bunch of messy curls with a lot of volume.

15. Textured Bun
Add a bunch of waves to your hair and spin it into a gorgeous bun.

16. Down Look
Leave your hair down and add a bunch of small accessories to the mix.

17. Wavy Beauty
Create gorgeous waves and pin some of your hair back with a stunning accessory.

18. Classic Waves
Go for a classic wave with a halo accessory.

19. Flower Crown
Pair your beautiful updo with a gorgeous flower crown to finish the look off.

20. Twisted Bun
Go a little extra with your bun by adding a few twist to it.

21. Side Braid
Add a side braid to your already loose curls to keep everything soft and simple.

22. Elegance
Do a simple and sleek low bun with straight flyways and a small accessory for an elegant look.

23. Boxer Braids
If you really want to turn heads go for a set of boxer braids with glitter roots.

24. Half Up Half Down
Go for the best of both worlds with this half up and half down style.

25. Fishtail Braid
A fishtail braid is beautiful and unique, pair it with curls for a great style.

26. High Bun
Go for a high bun with a few flyways and a nice accessory for a more modern look.

27. Elegant High Bun
If you want a more elegant high bun, go for a sleek look and a simple accessory.

28. Simple Curls
These simple curls are great for a minimal wedding.

29. Loose Braid in Bun
Go for a romantic look with this super loose braid into a low bun.

30. Messy Bun
A messy bun with a loose braid is a great laid back style for your wedding.

31. Big Fishtail Braid
Keep your hair loose and flowy but add a large fishtail braid to the top of it for a cool look.

32. Full Crown Braid
This full crown braid is stunning and looks perfect for a wedding.

33. Top Knot
Dress your top knot up with some curls and a cool ring accessory.

34. Heart
Create a heart with your hair and add a few loose waves to complete the look.

35. Middle Braid
A middle braid down the center of your hair looks awesome and is simple to do.

36. Boxer Braid into Low Bun
Give yourself two braids and finish it off with a low bun.

37. Low Bun with Mini Braids
Throw a few mini braids through your hair and weave it into a braid.

38. Voluminous Curls
Add a lot of volume to your curls to get a great look.

39. Low Twist
This low twist is beautiful, elegant, and pairs lovely with a small accessory.

40. Wrapped Braid
Wrap your braid up one side of your head for a stunning and unique look.

There are 40 beautiful wedding days looks that you can pull inspiration from on your special day,

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