Pixie styles are absolutely stunning and can offer a lot of style and fun. It might seem scary to cut a major portion of your hair off, but once you do the feeling will be nothing like you’ve imagined. Now it may seem impossible to style a pixie since your hair is so short, but trust us when we say there are a ton of different ways to wear a pixie style.

Take a look at 40 of our favorite pixie hairstyles.


Super short sides and a long top is a great option for a beautiful pixie cut.


2. Undercut

Leave the back of your head super short and the rest a little longer to have more freedom.


3. Sleek

Cut your pixie with a few different lengths to give it a lot of texture.


4. Mohawk Pixie

A mohawk cut is a great way to wear your new pixie style.


5. Boyish Pixie

A boyish pixie gives you a shorter length but still a lot of hair to play with.


6. Tousled Pixie

Keep the front of your hair long and the back short for a gorgeous tousled look.


7. Long Pixie

Pixies don’t have to be razor short, you can still have a little length for a cute style.


8. Give Yourself Some Lift

Your pixie doesn’t have to be boring and short, try this cut out which gives you a ton of lift and volume.


9. Something New

Step outside the box with your pixie cut.


10. A-line Pixie

A pixie can still be cut in an A-line fashion, just look at this gorgeous one.


11. Art

If you shave your head with your pixie cut, add a cool design into it.


12. Simple Bangs

Even when your hair is short, you can still add bangs to the mix.


13. Blonde Pixie

Add some highlights to your pixie to make it pop.


14. Shaggy Queen

Make your pixie really pop by adding a ton of layers throughout it.


15. Auburn

Keep your hair a more natural color, like this stunning auburn color.


16. Long Bangs

If you still wanted a little length to your pixie, why not keep your bangs long?


17. Rounded Pixie

Keep the top long and the bottom short to style this pixie perfectly.


18. Textured Pixie

Add a bunch of layers to your pixie to get a great texture.


19. Blunt

If you like a blunt style, then why not try this good one out on your pixie?


20. 90’s Vibe

Go back in time with this cool 90’s look.


21. Curly Pixie

Embrace your curls and shave the back of your head for a cool pixie look.


22. Spiked Pixie

Cut your pixie short and spike it up for a great look.


23. Color and Style

Color your pixie a fun color and add in some cool shaving strips.


24. Long Top

Keep the top of your pixie long and the bottom short.


25. Highlights

Throw some highlights throughout your hair for an added style.


26. Lilac Pixie

Keep your pixie long and add some cool lilac highlights throughout it.


27. Waves

Give your pixie some volume and add waves throughout it.


28. Volumize Pixie

The back of your pixie can have a lot of volumes, which will give it a stunning style.


29. Rainbow Fun

Color your hair with rainbow colors for a booming pixie look.


30. Platinum Blonde

Change your pixie up by dyeing it a platinum blonde.


31. Cobalt Blue

Keep your bangs long and the back shorter for a fun pixie style.


32. Sleeked Back Pixie

Give your pixie a lot of volumes and sleek it back for a cool look.


33. Easy Pixie

If you want a simple and easy style, a low pixie is a way to go.


34. Amethyst Vibes

Give your pixie a pump up with this gorgeous amethyst color.


35. Cool Pixie

Add a few different layers throughout your pixie for a cool style.


36. Pop of Color

Add a pop of color in your pixie to turn some heads.


37. Fauxhawk

Give your pixie a little lift with a gorgeous fauxhawk.


38. Shadow Roots

Give your pixie some dimension with a gorgeous shadow root.


39. Tangerine Fun

Brighten your pixie up with this beautiful tangerine color.


40. Super Short

Cut your pixie super short and relish in the fact that your hair will be easy to do in the morning.


As you can tell, having a pixie cut isn’t only easy but beautiful. There are a ton of fun styles you can try and you can even add a pop of color into your pixie to really show off your own personal style.

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