Layered hair is great but there is something about a blunt cut that just works. Having your hair all the same length can really make it easier to style, do an up-do, or straighten. When curled, blunt cuts look stunning, and some people like the uniformed look of a blunt style instead of having layers everywhere.

If a blunt cut sounds like something you’ll enjoy, here are some of our favorite styles you can try out.

1. Simple Blunt

Keep your hair a little longer and chop it to a blunt style.

2. Sleek

This sleek and blunt style looks stunning.

3. Touch of Curl

This soft curl mixed with a blunt chop is gorgeous.

4. Lob

A lob can also go on the blunter side.

5. Bangs

This blunt look with bangs is a great style.

6. Bob

A bob style always looks amazing in a blunt chop.

7. Platinum

This platinum color looks beautiful with a blunt style.

8. Sharp

A simple blunt cut is the way to go.

9. Short and Sleek

This super short blunt cut is stunning.

10. Pop of Color

Add a touch of color to your blunt cut.

11. All Blunt

Your bangs and hair can be blunt.

12. Short Bob

Go short with your bob and blunt with your style.

13. Precision

The precision is perfect with this cut.

14. Autumn Blunt

Pair your blunt style with a beautiful color.

15. Angled Blunt

The angled blunt cut is stunning and perfect for a new style.

16. Wave

Add a touch of wave to your look.

17. Rose Gold

A fun fashion color with your blunt style will make a stunning combination.

18. Ombre

Ombre colors and blunt looks just go hand in hand.

19. Beautiful Blunt

This styled blunt look should give you all the reasons to choose the style.

20. Two-Toned

A two toned color will only elevate your style.

21. Chestnut

Chestnut is a beautiful color for your blunt style.

22. Rounded

A rounded bob is the ultimate blunt look.

23. Balayage

Go for a balayage look.

24. Spring Blunt

A perfect color is great for a spring look.

25. Envy

Throw a unique color on your blunt look.

26. Light

This light blunt look is stunning.

27. Deep

You could opt for a deeper color for your style as well.

28. Textured Blunt

Add a little texture to your blunt.

29. Summer Beauty

This summer time look is gorgeous.

30. Red Wine

A fun color works well with blunt styles.

31. Sharp

This sharp cut is all you need.

32. Longer

A little longer blunt look is amazing.

33. Cinnamon Sugar

This color and blunt style combination is perfection.

34. Short

The shorter the blunt the better it is.

35. Dimension

Add a little dimension to your style.

36. Burgundy

This color is stunning on a blunt look.

37. Honey

A blunt honey look is perfect for a newer look.

38. Shine

A touch of shine is gorgeous on a blunt style.

39. Clean

Clean lines are perfection.

40. Soft

This soft look is all you need for a fun new style.

Blunt styles come in so many different lengths, styles, and looks. Each one is unique but stunning and great if you’re looking for something new to try out.

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