Lob haircuts are taking our Instagram by storm and we can see why. The short hairstyle is easy to maintain, long enough to style in a variety of different ways, but still short enough to not get overheated. The lob is the perfect hairstyle to do if you want to go short but your not sure how short hair will look on you. We decided to pick some of our favorite lob hairstyles for you to try.

Here are 40 of our favorite lob hairstyles.

1. Ash Blonde Lob

This ash blonde lob is a beautiful color and the perfect in-between of messy and tamed.


2. Wavy Lob

Personally, lobs always look the best when you add a slight wave to them. It’s like the hairstyle was made to have beachy waves.


3. Caramel Highlights

Add a little depth to your gorgeous lob by including some caramel highlights.


4. Sandy Roots Lob

Dyeing your hair is a great idea with a lob but if you don’t want to deal with the upkeep try going for a shadow root so you don’t have to worry about seeing your stylist every 6 to 8 weeks.


5. Burnette Beauty

Keep your lob simple on the color and just enjoy the beautiful new cut you got.


6. The Balayage Lob

Lobs and a balayage color goes perfectly together.


7. Lightened Up Lob

If you are feeling a new summer look go for a lob with a new fresh color.


8. Straight Lob

If waves aren’t your thing a lob still looks amazing and stylish when it is straight.


9. Angled Lob

Add a little drama to your lob by keeping the front a little bit longer than the back.


10. Simple Lob

Keep your lob simple with a neutral color and a lite wave.


11. Classic Combo

Dark on top, light on the bottom, all cut and styled into a beautiful lob.


12. Icy Lob

Sometimes you need to go out of the box with your lob and add an icy flair to it.


13. Messy Lob

Messy lobs look wonderful on anyone and are simple to do.


14. Platinum Lob

Go beyond your normal color and try a platinum lob, you won’t regret it.


15. Spring Lob

This color and highlight screams perfect for spring.


16. Warm Chocolate Lob

Embrace the warm tones and add them to your hair, like this mixture of warm chocolate and light brown.


17. Short Lob

If you’re daring enough to try a shorter version of a lob, go for it.


18. Color Melt

Keep your roots natural and let your new color melt into your hair.


19. Honey Highlights

Your lob will look amazing when you add some honey highlights to your already light hair.


20. Ash Brown

Keep your natural color intake and add a little ash color to give it some depth.


21. Balayage Melt

This balayage color will instantly turn heads the minute you wear it out.


22. Golden Lob

A lob haircut pairs perfectly with a beautiful golden color.


23. Copper Lob

Go against the norm and try a lovely copper color with your lob.


24. Loose Wavy Lob

Your lob doesn’t need to have super tight curls to look good, try this loose wave style instead.


25. Strawberry Blonde Lob

This strawberry blonde lob is a gorgeous color and looks amazing with a lob.


26. Lob with Bangs

Pair your lob with a great set of bangs to change your look up a bit.


27. Coffee Lob

This dark lob with a slightly lighter end is a beautiful color and looks amazing with a curled lob.


28. Rounded Lob

Try a rounded lob with a sharp front for a cool new look with your lob.


29. Bright Lob

This ash blonde lob with almost white ends is a cool color and will look amazing on anyone.


30. Grey Lob

Going grey isn’t a bad thing, embrace a new color and pair it with your lob.


31. Warm Lob

Create some warmth with your lob and take it to the next step with some bangs.


32. Apricot Lob

Add a few layers through your lob for some great texture with a lovely apricot color.


33. Balayage and Foilyage

Get some great color with a mixture of a balayage and foilyage.


34. Tight Curls

Usually, we see loose flowy waves with a lob cut but embrace a tight curl and rock the look.


35. Apple Lob

Get some inspiration for Spring and go for an apple color with your lob.


36. Textured Lob

Add some texture throughout your lob with layers and product.


37. Orange Lob

Embrace your natural color and show t some love with a lob cut.


38. Low Lights

If you aren’t a fan of highlights, try some low lights to still bring attention to your hair.


39. Burgundy Lob

Burgundy lobs are gorgeous a perfect color if you want to try something slightly different.


40. Blonde Lob

This blonde lob is a classic and would look amazing on anyone.


As you can see, lobs are a great hairstyle and you can do a lot with them. They are long enough for a ponytail but still short enough to give you a sassy feeling. Which lob was your favorite?

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