Spring is here and a new week is upon us. Why not start the week off right with a brand new short hairstyle? Short hair is perfect for spring since your shorter hair will work well with the warm weather and there are an endless amount of looks you can try out. Take a page out of our book and try one of these stunning styles out for yourself.

Here are 40 of our favorite short hairstyles.

1. A-line

This A-line bob is gorgeous and the added red highlights are perfect for giving your hair definition.


2. Shaved Mohawk

Shave your sides down and keep your mohawk long. This style is cool, fierce, and perfect for a new look to try out.


3. Blonde Waves

Lighten your hair up this week and add some blonde highlights and waves into the mix.


4. Blonde Balayage

Give yourself a new color and try out this fierce blonde balayage for yourself.


5. Simple Bob

This simple bob is perfect for a new cut and a nice color.


6. Pompadour

A pompadour is a beautiful way to style your short hair and keep it out of your face.


7. Banging Pink

Go for a complete color change and turns heads with this beautiful pink color.


8. Stylist Pixie

This pixie cut is simple and beautiful, easy to style, and perfect for spring.


9. Mauve Highlights

Go a different route with your highlights and try this gorgeous mauve color. The color is perfect for spring and will make you feel amazing.


10. Shaved

Go off the mark and make your own style like this short hair here!


11. Grey Waves

Embrace your natural color and let your curls loose.


12. Undercut and Rose Gold

Go for a rose gold color and do an undercut. The undercut will keep hair off your neck and the color is cool.


13. Wavy Lob

Go for the traditional and popular lob and add some waves to really feel yourself.


14. Cool Blue

Forget all the pinks and try out this gorgeous blue hue for your hair.


15. Red Highlights

Welcome spring with a set of gorgeous red highlights.


16. Chestnut Bob

Bob hairstyles are perfect for a new style and keep your hair darker and neutral with a chestnut color.


17. Yellow Pop

If you love new colors but worried about adding too much, try a nice pop on your bangs.


18. A Blunt Style

This blunt short style is great if you hate layers but still want to get a short hairstyle.


19. Super Curly Lob

Curly lobs are beautiful and perfect for embracing your natural curls.


20. Peekaboo Color

This peekaboo color is great for spring but not all over the place where it could leave you self conscience.


21. Warm Lob

This warm lob is gorgeous and adds a ton of dimension to your hair.


22. Bangs with a Bob

This bob is goals and a pair of blunt bangs with it looks stunning.


23. Banging Red

Show your personality off with a full head of red hair.


24. Chocolate with a pop of Cherry

The mixture of a blunt cut, bangs, and a pop of cherry color makes this hairstyle goals.


25. Highlights

These highlights bring a ton of dimension to your hair and look beautiful.


26. Fire Engine Red

Do a full 360 with your color and choose one that will instantly turn heads, like this beautiful fire engine red.


27. Messy Pixie

Pixies are always a great way to go and this pixie is messy, has some bangs, and will look stunning on anyone.


28. Spring

Throw a few different shades into your hair and make it match the wonderful spring weather.


29. Simple Side Part

A side part is a great way to give your hair some volume and change up your look with minimal effort.


30. Dramatic Bob

A dramatic bob is a great cut and gives you a ton of volume.


31. Long Bangs

Long bangs are a great way to give yourself a little extra hair to play with and look amazing.


32. Shaved Design

Having a shaved head is cool but if you want to up your cut, even more, shave some cool designs into your new style.


33. Curly Bob

An angled bob looks beautiful and when you add some curl to it, your look is instantly stunning.


34. Boho Dutch Braid

If your hair is already short, try out this cool Boho dutch braid style for something new.


35. Purple Pixie

If you want to change your pixie up a little, try dyeing it a cool color like this purple.


36. Textured Bob

Add a ton of layers into your bob cut to get a nice textured look.


37. Mermaid Vibes

Add a mixture of blues and purples throughout your hair to get an awesome mermaid vibe going.


38. Bleached Mohawk

Keep half your hair dark and dye the rest a light bleach blonde.


39. Icy White

If you want something new a fresh, try dyeing your hair white. It looks amazing and people will be jealous.


40. Magenta Waves

Magenta is a great color to dye your short hair if you want to feel on top of the world.


These are just a few great short hairstyles, colors, and cuts to try. Hopefully you find a stunning image you like and are willing to give a try.

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