Braids are a stunning, but usually easy look to do. With braids you can keep your hair out of your face but still have a beautiful look. This style is especially good for kids who want a fun look that isn’t just a ponytail. These braided styles can range for something simple and easy to do, to a more elaborate look that will stun everyone around you.

If you want to jump on the braid bandwagon and try out some fun styles with your kids, here are some of our favorite looks.

1. Wrap Braid

A wrap braid is simple but looks stunning.

2. Double Braid with Curl

Double braids are beautiful and adding a curl to them really adds to the style.

3. Zipper Braid

This braid might be a little more challenging to do, but is so worth it.

4. Rose Braid

A rose braid is stunning and great for a school look.

5. Fishtail

Fishtail braids are a cooler version of a standard braid but just as easy to do.

6. Basket Braid

This braid makes your ponytail look amazing.

7. Simple

This simple fishtail braid is easy to do and looks minimal.

8. Waterfall Braid

A waterfall braid is perfect to get your hair out of your face.

9. Ponytail Braid

Mini braids pulled into a ponytail is a great style.

10. Simple

A standard braid is all you need sometimes.

11. Mini Dutch

These mini dutch braids are great for a easy look.

12. Crown Braid

Make yourself into a princess with a crown braid.

13. Bubble Braids

Bubble braids are so much fun for kids.

14. Braided Buns

These little braided buns are perfect.

15. Knots

A mixture of braids into one style is beautiful.

16. Glorious

This braided look will instantly turn heads.

17. Half Up

A half up look this simple but gorgeous.

18. Fun Braids

Two mini braids are minimal, simple, but perfect for your kids.

19. Full Braids

Go all out with your braids then rock a ponytail.

20. Bun

A wrapped braid into a bun is a neat style.

21. Twist Braid

A twisted braid is a beautiful style to try.

22. Reverse Braid

Try this unique braid instead.

23. Accessories

A little touch of accessories can really make your look.

24. Duo

A dutch braid and bubble braid combo looks good to us.

25. Reverse Buns

A reverse braid into buns is a simple and easy style.

26. Spacebun

Amp up your spacebuns with a fun mini braid.

27. Elegant Braid

If you need a slightly nicer style, here it is.

28. Bang Braid

Keep the front of your hair easily braided.

29. Bow Braids

Nothing beats a stunning bow braid.

30. Large Crown

Use all your hair for this brilliant braid.

31. Heart Braid

This mini heart braid is perfect for a cute touch.

32. Flowers

Turn your braids into stunning flowers.

33. Ribbon

Adding a ribbon to your braid can really change the look.

34. Headband

Headband braids look cool and give you a fun style.

35. Mini Style

This smaller braided style is perfect for any hairstyle.

36. Cross Over

A waterfall braid with a bubble braid make the perfect pair.

37. Crown Fishtail

Combine a fishtail braid and a crown braid into one.

38. Colorful

This colorful braid is fun for little kids.

39. Double Back

This double back braid makes for a extraordinary look.

40. Simple Cornrows

Cornrows make for an easy go to style for kids.

41. Star

Add a star with your braid.

42. Pull Through

This pull through braid will make you look like Rapunzel.

When it comes to doing a braided style, there is a plethora of amazing options to choose from. Some of these braids might challenge you but the payoff is worth it.

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