Happy May everyone! Spring is in the air and we can already tell that summer is near, which means it is the perfect time for a new hairstyle. Get rid of some length and embrace a new shorter style for the month of May! We looked through Instagram to find some of the most stylish hairstyles for May that might inspire you to get a new style.

Here are 45 of our favorite short hairstyles found on Instagram this month.

Platinum Rounded Bob

A platinum bob not only gives you a fresh new color but also a cute new hairstyle.


2. Longer Lob

If you are worried about a shorter length, try this long lob which still gives you short hair but not too short.


3. Natural Highlights

Adding a natural highlight to your hair helps give it a lighter look and great structure.


4. Honey Lob

A lob with a great color will give you amazing summer vibes.


5. Boyish Pixie

A boyish pixie is perfect for someone who is busy and doesn’t want to fuss with their hair too much, but the style still looks amazing.


6. Textured Pixie

This pixie cut has a ton of layers, giving it a lot of texture for a stunning style.


7. Styled Pixie

If you like the look of a pixie you can still style it and create a masterpiece of your own with it.


8. Blunt Lob

A blunt lob gives your hair a lot of structure and style.


9. Burgundy Bob

If you are looking for a fresh new color then why not try this cool burgundy.


10. Cool Lob

This lob is a stunning color and perfect for both spring and summer. Keep your roots natural so you can have longer visits to the salon.


11. Angled Bob

An angled bob gives you a lot of definition and structure.


12. Foliage Bob

A foliage bob will give you amazing color to rock during the summer.


13. Balayage Lob

It’s cool to go with the trend, so try out this gorgeous balayage lob.


14. Icy Blonde Lob

This icy blonde lob screams stylish for the summer.


15. Soft Bob

Keep your hair natural and embrace a soft bob.


16.Long Pixie

Keep your pixie long on the top and short everywhere else for some awesome styling.


17. Medium Pixie

If you’re worried about your pixie being too short, trying this medium length on instead.


18. Caramel Highlights

Add some caramel highlights throughout your lob for a little extra light.


19. Straight Lob

Your lob doesn’t always have to be curled, embrace a nice straight lob instead.


20. Banged Lob

Add a set of bangs to your lob for a new look without a drastic change.


21. Blonde Highlights

If you love blonde but don’t want to overdo it, try some highlights.


22. Ashy Brown

Throw a little ash color in your hair and embrace a nice bob.


23. Lowlight Angled Bob

This angled bob with lowlights gives you the perfect spring hair with gorgeous color.


24. Tight Curls

Sure a lob looks great with waves but tight curls look just as great.


25. Chestnut Beauty

This stunning chestnut color is the perfect mix of light and dark.


26. Flared Ends

You can flare the ends of your hair for a beautiful look with minimal effort.


27. Cherry Lob

This cherry color still gives a natural vibe but also a little different then what we are used to seeing.


28. Rose Gold Bob

Rose gold is a popular color this year, so why not wear it in your hair?


29. Shadow Root Blonde

Shadow Roots are great for a natural look especially paired with a bright blonde color.


30. Beachy Waves

Rock some beach waves along with your gorgeous lob.


31. Curled Mohawk

This curled mohawk is a beautiful style and perfects if you want to try something new.


32. Shaved Pixie

This shaved pixie is a great fresh start for your hair.


33. Layered Pixie

This layered pixie gives you a lot of hair to still play with.


34. Short Pixie

This pixie is a great cut if you want to have minimal issues with your hair but still look stunning.


35. Braided Style

Even with short hair, you can do a beautiful braided look.


36. Top Knot

Rock a top knot with your short style.


37. Messy Pixie

A messy pixie gives you a lot of hair to play with and some volume.


38. Straight Bob

This straight bob is stunning and perfect for the summer.


39. Shaved Mohawk

This shaved mohawk just looks awesome.


40. Messy Bob

Your bob doesn’t need to be tamed or straight. Go for a messy style instead.


41. Long Angled Bob

This long angled bob is air goals in so many ways.


42. Straight Rounded Bob

A rounded bob will give your hair a lot of structure and depth.


43. Fire Bob

This red color is stunning and a great option for spring.


44. Natural Color Bob

This natural bob looks amazing and is a good color for everyone.


45. Practical Bob

This bob is super natural and practical that everyone will love it.


Hopefully, you have some inspiration to try a new shorter hairstyle this spring or summer with these beautiful choices.

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