Looking for the best and cutest hairdo of the week? If you can’t make up your mind let us help you! Here, we bring you 50+ short hairstyles and unique options that may interest you. You will find a ton of different colored, natural, simple, or highlighted looks in this article that will suit your style. Simply find your perfect pick down below and consider making feminine and outstanding changes that will frame your face. Perfect looks for young and mature women coming right up!

Blonde Hair

1. Short Blonde Bob


The perfect bob cut for blondes!

2. Short Pixie Cut


Want to give it a go with this icy blonde pixie cut?

3. Modern Yellow Hairstyle


The ultimate hairdo for workaholic women.

4. Wavy Blonde Hairdo


Add these soft blonde waves to your hair and spice up the design.

5. Blonde Lob Short Hairstyle


You will prefer a bit of texture to this look.

6. Soft Wavy Blonde Look


Curl the ends of your hair and show off this stylish cut.

7. Simple Blonde Hairstyle


The perfect color for women who want to spice up their blonde moments.

8. Short Side Swept Hairstyle


Go for a side-swept bang and you’re going to like this look for everyday chic wear.

9. Blonde Pixie Bob


This hairdo will suit mature women the best!

10. Short Buzzcut Hairstyle


Shave off your hair and know that you are one of a few women who can rock this grayish moment.

11. Messy Short Lob Hairstyle


A must-try look for teens!

12. Bleached Blonde Look


Get the right toner to maintain this blonde look.

13. Wavy Blonde Short Hairdo


If you want a bit of color and subtle change to your blonde hairdo this is it.

14. Platinum Blonde Short Hair


This icy hairdo is for women who want to look elegant and stylish.

Brown Hair

1. Short Brown Pixie Hairstyle


A lot of women love this pixie cut, do you?

2. Chopped Lob Short Hair


Such a stylish brown bob with a lot of volume!

3. Natural Brown Short Hair


Go for this dark brown side swept moment and you will adore the volume.

4. Straight Sleek Brown Bob


Show off this brown short bob as a must-have this week.

5. Soft Brown Loose Wave Short Look


A must-try for women who want a soft wave and a chic brown color.

6. Voluminous A-line Bob Cut


This asymmetrical bob will suit mature women the best.

7. Light Brown Short Hairdo


Touch-up this hair color every 3 months to keep it looking fresh and shiny.

8. Soft Curl Brown Look


Go for these soft loose waves if you have an important event going on.

9. Chopped Mullet With Bangs Short Hairstyle


Super short and cute, this elf cut is so popular at the moment.

10. Ash Brown Hairdo Short Hair


Ash brown hair is for women who want a new winter change!

11. Short Curly Hair Natural


Show off your naturally curly hair and your messy texture!

12. Bowl Cut Short Hairdo


This bowl cut will suit women who like dominant short haircuts.

13. Soft Bob Cut


Defined bob such as this one is a must-have for women in their twenties.

14. Dark Brown Short Pixie


This short brown pixie is so low-maintenance.

15. Chocolate Brown Short Cut


Add freshness to your hair with this shade of brown.

Hair With Highlights

1. Ombre Short Hair


This ombre look is so chic in the winter!

2. Short Brown Highlighted Hair


Add brown highlights to add dimension to your hairstyle.

3. Chocolate Brown Highlights Short Look


This color is so popular during the fall season!

4. Ombre Highlights Orange Look


Go for a chopped bob look and show off your stylish cut.

5. A-line Bob Short Cut


The perfect short hairdo of the week for women with naturally straight hair.

6. Ash Highlights Look


Ash highlights will look the best on natural brown hair.

7. Short Brown Hairstyle Highlights


Add some copper highlights and show off this look for any event!

8. Short Curly Hair With Highlights


Curl your hair and enjoy this short look on a daily!

9. Brown Hair With Highlights Look


Ask for a curly blowout and you’re going to love this outcome.

10. Short Caramel Highlights


Caramel highlights will look good on a brown hair base.

11. Ash Highlights Short Hair


This look is so modern and up to date!

Unusual Hair Color

1. Orange Hair Short Look


Show off this orange hairdo and its shine!

2. Gray Silver Hair


Heads up when it comes to this short icy bob, it is hard to get this color.

3. Short Auburn Bob Look


Bright red bob is for women who love the attention!

4. Orange Short Hairstyle


Curl your ends and wear this look for formal and informal moments.

5. Defined Bob Short Pixie


This pixie cut will look great on teen women.

6. Colorful Short Hairstyle


Short colorful bob is for women who can’t make up their minds when it comes to their color.

7. Bright Red Short Hair


Such a hot and fiery color, don’t you think so?

8. Light Pink Short Hairstyle


Go for a light pink hue if you enjoy romantic ideas.

9. Hair With Bright Highlights


Younger women and teens will enjoy this color combo.

10. Light Orange Short Hair


Short auburn hair is a must-do for the fall!
Want To Try Something New?
Which one hairdo was the prettiest and your favorite out of the bunch? There is a lot of options that you can pick from. Either way it may be let us know what you wish to wear in the near future! We can’t wait to see what you end up picking from this week’s short hairstyles!

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