Short hairstyles have been trending all over social media. You pop onto TikTok and see influencers playing with filters that take them from long to short hair, before debuting their new shorter style. Short hairstyles are desirable too. They can be sleek and stunning or they can still have a longer feel to them with a fun beachy wave. Regardless of your short hairstyle preferences, we think short hair is the way to go.

Here are 50 of our favorite short hairstyles from Instagram this month.

1. Lob

A classic lob gives you a longer feeling without going to short.

2. Undercut

You can lighten the load on your head with an undercut and pixie style.

3. Layered Pixie

Make your pixie your own with a lot of layers.

4. Pin Curls

Spice up your pixie with gorgeous pin curls.

5. Wavy Pixie

You can keep your pixie a little longer and add a nice curl.

6. Beachy Lob

Adding beachy waves to your lob will give you a trendy look.

7. Chocolate Highlight

Highlight your hair with a stunning chocolate shade.

8. A-Line

A-line bobs are always popular and look stunning.

9. Little Spice

Spice your lob up with a pop of color.

10. Burgundy Bob

Transform your bob with a burgundy shade.

11. Cut and Color

After a fresh cut, add a fresh new color.

12. Rounded Bob

A rounded bob gives you a uniform style that is beautiful.

13. Green

Pair your stunning bob with a equally as stunning green hue.

14. Long Pixie

If you’re feeling a pixie cut it doesn’t have to be super short.

15. Faux Hawk

Have fun with your shorter style and make it uniquely your own.

16. Dimensional Lob

Adding some dimensions to your style will only make it look better.

17. Blonde Lob

Let your lob be loud and fun with a stunning blonde color.

18. Mini Hawk

This small curled hawk look beautiful with a fun color.

19. Boyish Pixie

A boyish pixie is minimal work and looks incredible.

20. Autumn Bob

With a rounded bob you have a variety of options when it comes to color and styling.

21. Edgy Pixie

You can go whatever direction you want with your pixie.

22. Sleek

Go with a sleeker style that looks amazing.

23. Highlighted Bob

Lighten your bob up with some highlights.

24. Natural Curl

Let your natural curl thrive in a bob.

25. Uniform Pixie

A uniformed and sleek pixie looks wonderful on anyone.

26. Curled Bob

Add a little flair to your bob with a fun curl.

27. Balayage

Go for a balayage coloring with a stunning lob cut.

28. Braided Lob

Even with shorter hair you can have fun styles.

29. Platinum Bob

A bob with a platinum color will turn heads.

30. French Braid

French braids are beautiful and can be done even with a short cut.

31. Unusual Layers

Layer your hair however you want for a cool look.

32. Messy Bob

Play around with your bob and let it be a little messy.

33. Chunky Low Light

Low lights can do a lot for tour hair, try it with your bob.

34. Volumized Pixie

Just because you go short doesn’t mean your hair has to be flat.

35. Bangs

Pair your pixie with longer bangs for a gorgeous look.

36. Short Bob

You can go super short with your bob.

37. Double Braid

Styles are never out of the question with short hair.

38. Sleek

Your hair can be short and sleek.

39. Fall Vibes

Go a little shorter and have a fun fall color.

40. Blunt Edges

Maybe a blunt style is more to your liking.

41. Ombre

Pair your blunt bob with a stunning ombre.

42. Pop of Pink

You can have fun with your color on your lob.

43. Shaved

Go as short as your want with you pixie.

44. Angular Bob

Your bob doesn’t have to be sleek or blunt, add some angles.

45. Curled

Keep the back short and shaved but have fun in the front.

46. Mermaid

Go with some bright and playful hues.

47. Pixie Fringe

Add a fringe to your pixie.

48. Asymmetric Bob

With a pop of color in your bob everyone will love your new style.

49. Brunette Fun

Choose a fun brunette color with your short bob.

50. Punk Pixie

Go for fun with your pixie.

When it comes to choosing a short hairstyle, the world is your oyster and your options are unlimited. Have fun with your new cut and maybe color, you won’t regret it.

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