You can always transform your look and enjoy a cool new cut without doing a lot of touch-ups or time-consuming ideas. The truth is that a lot of women prefer to wear their hair short and simple. Does this apply to you? If you’re on the lookout for something new, fun, and cute, we have your back! In fact, we will be listing a ton of different and innovative looks that shorter hairdo women will adore. Keep on reading since we have everything in this list, such as simple, colorful, bold, and hair with highlights listed. Find your next hairdo with us and with one of these cool options down below.

1. Simple Blonde Pixie

If you like and prefer shorter pixie cut looks consider this bright blonde short moment.

2. Natural Bown Pixie Hair

Low-maintenance and often worn by moms who like quick and easy everyday looks.

3. Curly Short Hair

Go for this curly updo moment and show off your love for simple yet wearable looks.

4. Red Buzzcut Look

If you’re a fan of color and you enjoy bright looks this will suit you.

5. Light Brown Pixie Cut

Cool defined bob that is going to look so chic and modern.

6. Pink & Purple Color Combo Pixie

This messy pixie is for women who like bright “young” looks.

7. Icy Silver Short Hair

Give it a go with this light bleached gray pixie that also has that silver vibe to it.

8. Messy Curly Pixie

Women who like messy updos will enjoy this natural brown look.

9. Short Purple Updo

Go for this intriguing purple hair combo and stand out everywhere you go!

10. Bob Hair With Highlights

Cute chic bob with subtle highlights that you’re going to adore for any age group.

11. Side Swept Bob

Go for this side-swept moment and show off your elegant hairdo.

12. Hot Pink Hair

Bright pink hair usually looks amazing on younger women or teens.

13. Short Brown Messy Pixie

Add some layers to your hair and enjoy this sleek cut.

14. Defined Brown Hairstyle

If you prefer shorter looks this will suit you along with your natural hair color.

15. Hot Purple Hair With Bangs

Cute fun purple bob with bangs, who can resist it?

16. Chopped Bob Natural Brown

Short chopped wavy bob that you’re going to like for everyday wear.

17. Bob With Gray Highlights

This is a cool defined black bob with a pop of gray highlights to it, ideal for younger women.

18. Short Curly Black Pixie

This short cute wavy bob with defined curls is for women who have naturally curly texture.

19. Light Orange Chopped Bob

Add some orange hue to your hair to achieve this unique color combo.

20. Bob With Frontal Highlights

Women who like bob cuts will like this chopped orange look.

21. Bright Pink Pixie

If you like cool and loud colors consider this bright pink hairdo.

22. Blonde Curly Hair

Soft curls will look feminine on every girl.

23. Light Orange Curly Hair

Define your cut with the right hair gel.

24. Space Bun Hairstyle

This curly updo with space buns is super popular on TikTok these days.

25. Light Green Hairdo

Why not add a pop of green to make your hair more intriguing and popping?

26. Bright Red Hairstyle Look

Add a hue of red or orange and make your hair hot and fiery!

27. A-line Black Bob

Super-sleek and defined bob that has such defined edges!

28. Auburn Red Bob

This bright warm auburn look will be a popular solution for the fall season.

29. Blonde Bob Haircut

Moms who like elegant looks for the office will like this beauty.

30. Subtle Ombre Hairstyle

Choose this defined dark brown bob and rock the inches with confidence.

31. Short Brown Bob Hair

If your hair is naturally sleek and healthy this look will suit you.

32. Red Bob Cut

Add some volume and elegance with the right haircare products and rock this look.

33. Hair With Highlights

Women who like a bit of color will enjoy this wavy beauty.

34. Light Pink Wavy Bob

Consider this pink wavy hairstyle and wear its volume with confidence.

35. Icy White Bob Look

This white bob is for women who like defined looks.

36. Chopped Bob Messy Look

If you’re in your twenties this will suit you the best.

37. Hair With Highlights Bob

Women who like balayage looks will enjoy this beauty.

38. Half-split Bob Look

This short bob with bangs will suit teens the best.

39. Bright Neon Bob

Go for this colorful pixie and add a ton of cool color to spice it up.

40. Wavy Bob Formal Look

This curly wavy bob will suit all age groups.

41. Straight Green Bob

Green hair is for women who like to wear something fun.

42. A-line Bob Hair Look

This bob will look amazing on mature women.

43. Bob With Blonde Highlights

Add some highlights and spice up your look.

44. Cute Pixie Look

This is a gorgeous cut that you will love for everyday wear.

45. Chopped Hair With Fringe

Show off this voluminous outcome for any part of day or night.

46. Blonde Buzzcut

Do you dare to look bold and stylish?

47. Silver Tomboy Hair

A must-have for women who like bleached looks.

48. Icy Gray Hair

Spice up your look and color it every 2 months to maintain this short pixie.

49. Bright Blue Wavy Look

Women who like bright blue looks will enjoy this retro beauty.

50. Hair With Blue Highlights

Add these frontal highlights to add that fun element to your new bob.

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