16. Blonde Waves

Waves are a cute hairstyle that pairs perfectly with the vibe you are trying to set for spring.


17. Magenta Bob

A bob cut works perfect for the hot weather but make yourself look hot by adding this magenta color into the mix.


18. Red Curly Bob

Bobs look amazing when you add a curl to them. Pair yours with some bangs and a deep red color to really turn heads.


19. Boyish Pixie

A pixie is great hairstyle to embrace when you want a new change and a fresh start.


20. Full Bangs

A set of full bangs will give you a sexy look and is a great way to add depth to your short hair.


21. Warm Balayage

When you think of a balayage you typically remember the light blonde color but you can do a balayage any way your heart desires. Try these warm tones out.


22. Curly Pixie

When you go for a pixie it doesn’t mean your hair needs to be super short. Try this curly pixie out for yourself and see what we mean.


23. Brushed Back

Having a longer pixie means more hair to play with. Brush your hair back and secure it with some hairspray to get a great sleek style.


24. Boxer Bun Braids

These boxer braids that are finished off in buns are great for a day out in the spring weather.


25. Crown Braid

Keep your hair out of your face with this simple crown braid.


26. Pixie Braid

Add a braid to your pixie to really show your style off.


27.  Simple Side Braid

If you need a quick hairstyle then this simple side braid is perfect for work, hanging with friends, or grocery shopping.


28. Pig Tails

These little pig tails are perfect for a cute look but also super unique.


29. Pulled Back Braids

Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean it can’t be pulled back into a ponytail. Try this gorgeous look for something new.


30. Curly Fishtail

This small fishtail braid is simple and easy but brings a lot of attention to your hair. Add some curls to really give yourself a flare.

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